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Heavy Airplay, January 11th, 2006
VARIOUS - Girl Group Sounds: Lost and Found (Rhino)
VARIOUS - Kilt By Death (No Label)
BOOTLEG BOOSTER COMPANION - Volume 1 (Sounds From the Pocket)
DON CHERRY - Organic Music (Caprice)
ESPERS - The Weed Tree (Locust)
VARIOUS - Temporary Sound Museum Presents (Temporares Klangmuseum)
RICCI RUCKER - Fuga (Alpha Pup)
YOKO SOLO - The Beeps (Quaketrap)
ENNIO MORRICONE - Crime and Dissonance (Ipecac)
VARIOUS - Inner City Sound (Laughing Outlaw)
TH' FAITH HEALERS - Peel Sessions (Ba-Da-Bing)
SAMARA LUBELSKI - Spectacular of Passages (The Social Registry)
MX-80 - We're An American Band (Family Vineyard)
VARIOUS - Is Orange Birds (Marriage)
FIKRET KIZILOK - Fikret Kililok (World Psychedelia Ltd.)
MAXIMUM JOY - Unlimited 1979-83 (Crippled Dick Hot Wax)
DANDI WIND - Concrete Igloo (Todtenschlaf)
FURSAXA - Amulet (Last Visible Dog)
WAYNE ROGERS - Blues-Ul-Alb (Twisted Village)
HANK IV - Il Silenzio E Morte (Hank IV)
THE MILE END LADIES STRING - From Cells of Roughest Air (Bangor)
MIA DOI TODD - The Ewe and the Eye (City Zen)
UNCLE JIM - Superstars of Greenwich Mean Time (Black Velvet Fuckere)
VARIOUS - Night Gallery 3: 21st Century Psych (Alchemy)
BURNING STAR CORE - Mes Soldats Stupides 96-04 (Cenotaph)
DENNIS COFFEY & LUCHI DE JESUS - Black Belt Jones OST (Weintraub-Heller)
MOTORAMA - Shy Girl (Bar La Muerte)
TOKYO ELECTRON - Tokyo Electron (Empty)
BOLT THROWER - Those Once Loyal (Metal Blade)
RIVER CITY TANLINES - All 7 Inches Plus More (Dirtnap)

RPM List
YOKO SOLO - The Beeps (Quaketrap)
THE LIFT BOYS - The Lift Boyz (The Lift Boys)
VARIOUS - Pop Ambient 2006 (Kompakt)
GERMLIN - Youth Pixxel (ADAADAT)
VARIOUS - One Winter Is Notenuf (Notenuf)
NAING NAING - Toothbrush Fever (Re-Aktion)
CAURAL - Remembering Today (Mush)
VARIOUS - State of the Union 2 (Spectral)
USKE ORCHESTRA - Niko et La Berlue (Sonig)
FOURTET - A Joy (Domino)

World List
FIKRET KIZILOK - Fikret Kililok (World Psychedelia Ltd.)
SOUNDTRACK - Everythings Is Illuminated (TVT)
VARIOUS - Zanzibara: Golden Years of Mombasa Taarab (Buda)
VARIOUS - Congotronics 2: Buzz N' Rumble From the Urb'N Jungle (Crammed)
BUDOS BAND - Budos Band (Daptone)
VARIOUS - More Arctic Hysteria/Son of Arctic Hysteria (Love)
THE MIGHTY SPARROW - First Flight (Smithsonian)
FELA RANSOME-KUTI& HIS KOOLA LOBITOS - Highlife-Jazz & Afro Soul 1963-69 (Blues Interactions)
VARIOUS - Groove Pa Svenska (Amigo Musik)
APOLLO NOVE - Res Inexplicata Volans (Ziriguiboom)

Loud List
WAYNE ROGERS - Blues-Ul-Alb (Twisted Village)
BURNING STAR CORE - Mes Soldats Stupides 96-04 (Cenotaph)
MOTORAMA - Shy Girl (Bar La Muerte)
BOLT THROWER - Those Once Loyal (Metal Blade)
DESOLATION - Desolation (Prank)
THE SKATERS - HGambling in Opha's Shadow (Pseudo Arcana)
COPTIC LIGHT - Coptic Light (No Quarter)
AARON DILLOWAY - Rotting Nepal (Hanson)
BORIS - Pink (DIW Phalanx)
THE WORST - The Worst of (Parts Unknown)

Hip-Hop List
RICCI RUCKER - Fuga (Alpha Pup)
BLACKBIRD - Bird's Eye View (Alpha Pup)
SWOLLEN MEMBERS - Black Magic (Battle Axe)
BIGG JUS - Poor People's Day (Mush)
DJ FUSEONE - Irregular (Epitome of Fresh)
NEPHILIM MODULATION SESSIONS - Imperial Letters of Protection (Big Dada)
VARIOUS - Big Apple Rappin' (Soul Jazz)
THE COUP - My Favorite Mutiny (Epitaph)
VARIOUS - Urban Intelligence Presents Homemade Bombs: (Workin Class)
VIRUS SYNDICATE - The Work Related Illness (Planet Mu)

Jazz List
DON CHERRY - Organic Music (Caprice)
VARIOUS - Jazz.Toys (Perfect Toy)
JOE McPHEE & JOHN SNYDER - Pieces of Light (Atavistic)
STEVE DALACHINSKY/MATTHEW SHIPP - Phenomena of Interference (Hopscotch)
PAUL BLEY/ANNETTE & PAUL BLEY - Improvise/Dual Unity (Freedom)
ALBERY AYLER - Slug's Saloon (ESP)
LAFAYETTE GILCHRIST - Towards the Shining Path (Hyena/Shantytone)

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