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Heavy Airplay, December 29th, 2004
SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP - Anorexia Gas Balloon (Sonore)
ROBYN HITCHCOCK - Spooked (Yep Roc)
HALA STRANA - These Villages (Soft Abuse)
MARISSA NADLER - Ballads of Living and Dying (Eclipse)
STINA NORDENSTAM - The World Is Saved (V2 Scandinavia)
CHRISTIAN ASTRONAUTS - Beyond the Blue (Companion)
MAN MAN - Man Man (Ace Fu)
NEKO CASE- The Tigers Have Spoken (Anti)
VARIOUS - Wrabimochi-Sound Compilation (Koxgaku)
LOST SOUNDS - Lost Sounds (In the Red)
VARIOUS - Just' Shuckin' Around: Wild N'Crazy LA R&B 1953-63 (Panic)
RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT - The Lost Tapes: Isle of Wight 1957 (Hightone)
JOHN EDDIE - Who the Hell Is John Eddie? (Lost Highway)
POPCHOR BERLIN - Popchor Berlin (Flittchen)
KATHY & CAROL - Kathy & Carol (Collectors Choice)
SOUNDTRACK - Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Cartoon Network)
EFTERKLANG - Tripper (Leaf)
PACK - Pack (Eversongs)
PSAPP - Tiger, My Friend (Leaf)
VARIOUS - Hard Headed Woman: A Celebration of Wanda Jackson (Bloodshot)
MACHINE DRUM - Bidnezz (Merck)
VARIOUS - Sonig Irregular Vol. 1 (Sonig)
FRIEDER BUTZMANN - Vertauensmann des Volkes (90% Wasser)
WOLFMOTHER - Wolfmother (Modular)
TH' LOSING STREAKS - Sounds of Violence (Slovenly)
LISMORE - Ceremonial Tease (Lismore)
THE BOATS - Songs By the Sea (Baked Goods)
PIERRE-ANDRE ARCAND - Atlas Epileptic (Ambiences Magnetiques)
MIGHTY IMPERIALS - Thunder Chicken (Daptone)
FLAMEN DIALIS - Symptome-Dei (Mio)

RPM List
SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP - Anorexia Gas Balloon (Sonore)
VARIOUS - Wrabimochi-Sound Compilation (Koxgaku)
EFTERKLANG - Tripper (Leaf)
PSAPP - Tiger, My Friend (Leaf)
MACHINE DRUM - Bidnezz (Merck)
VARIOUS - Sonig Irregular Vol. 1 (Sonig)
NO. 9 - Micro Films (Locust)
VARIOUS: [re:jazz] (Re:mix) (Kriztal)
M.I.A. - Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol. 1 (No Label)
THOMAS FEHLMANN - Lowflow (Plug Research)

World List
XINGU - El Combo Xingu (Payback)
ENZO AVITABLE & BOTTARI - Save the World (Wrasse)
VARIOUS - Den Basta Svenska Musiken 60-Och 70-Tal Vol. 1 (MNW)
ORLANDO JULIUS & HIS AFRO-SOUNDERS - Orlando's Afro Ideas (Eko Sound)
THE MIKEY DREAD SHOW - African Anthem (Auralux)
KONONO No.1 - Lubuaku (Terp)
GANGBE BRASS BAND - Wheno (Roots Racines) (Contre-Jour)
PDEY MUIY JIVIT - Pdey Muiy Jivit (No Label)
BEMBEYA JAZZ NATIONAL - The Syliphone Years (Stern's/Sillart)
OPIZDENEUSHIE - Psychodelia Tomorrow (Opizdeneushie)

Loud List
WOLFMOTHER - Wolfmother (Modular)
NASUM - Shift (Relapse)
VARIOUS - Extreme Music From Russia (Susan Lawly)
CANINUS - Now the Animals Have a Voice (War Torn)
FROST GIANT - Heavy Encounter (Elefantplatte)
MB - Aktivitat (Tegal/Zabriskie Point)
ANAAL NATHRAKH - Domine Non Es Dignus (Season Of Mist)
LUDICRA - Another Great Love Song (Alternative Tentacles)
GENOCIDE ORGAN - In-Konflikt (Tesco)
GENGHIS TRON - Cloak of Love (Crucial Blast)

Hip-Hop List
MF DOOM - MM..Food (Rhymesayers)
FUNK CRUEL - 10 (No Label)
SHAPESHIFTERS - The Shapeshifters Was Here (Cornerstone RAS)
LOSAKA - Porqueria (Fingerprint)
VARIOUS - DJ Format Presents A Right Earful: Mixtape Vol. 1 (Antidote)
PEDESTRIAN - The Toss & Turn (Anticon)
R.A. THE RUGGED MAN - Lessons (Nature Sounds)
EL-P - Jukie Skate Rock (Def Jux)
SAGE FRANCIS - Slow Down Gandhi (Epitaph)

Jazz List
GLOBE UNITY ORCHESTRA - Hamburg 74 (Atavistic/UMS)
MILES DAVIS - Seven Steps: Complete Columbia 1963-64 (Legacy)
BIRDBRAIN - I Fly (Persian Cardinal)
MAKANDA KEN McINTYRE - In the Wind (Passin' Thru)
MAGIC CITY - The June Book (Grainbin)
SONNY SIMMONS - Jewels (Boxholder)
GALT MACDERMOT - In Film (Kilmarnock)
BROTZMANN CLARINET PROJECT - Berlin Djungle (Atavistic)
MTKJ QUARTET - Making Room For Spaces (Nine Winds)

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