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Heavy Airplay, July 25, 2003
ESSENTIAL LOGIC - Fanfare In the Garden (Kill Rock Stars)
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE - Here Comes the Indian (Paw Tracks)
DENGUE FEVER - Dengue Fever (Web of Mimicry)
SOFT PINK TRUTH - Do You Party? (Soundslike)
PHILIP SANDERSON - Reprint (Anomalous)
3PUEN - The Silent 3 EP (3puen)
MAC MACLEOD - The Incredible Musical Odyssey of (RPM/Bam Caruso)
VARIOUS - Magpie (RPM)
THE LONESOME ORGANIST - Forms and Follies (Thrill Jockey)
MESSER CHUPS - Black Black Magic (Thrill Jockey)
RADIOHEAD - Hail To the Thief (Capitol)
VARIOUS - No Platform For Heels (Waterden)
BURMESE - A Mere Shadow and Reminiscence of Humanity (Tumult)
VARIOUS - Only In America 2 (Arf Arf)
MEGAN REILLY - Arc of Tessa (Carrot Top)
SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET +2 - Honkey Blues (Acadia)
LOUIS JORDAN & HIS TYMPANY 5 - 1938-1950 Box (JSP)
THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY - The Cleveland Finger EP (Exit Stencil)
OSCAR WOODS & BLACK ACE - Texas Slide Guitars (Document)
VARIOUS - Ministry of Shit (Spasticated)
!!! - Me an Guiliani Down By the School Yard (Touch & Go)
COIL - Live Four (World Serpent)
DAVID ACKLES - American Gothic (Collectors Choice)
CATFIVE - American Military Operations (Catfive)
PARTY OF ONE - Shorgun Funeral (Fat Cat)
SUSHEELA RAMAN - Love Trap (Narada)
CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA - Man With the Movie Camera (Ninja Tune)
DJ CHEB I SABBAH - As Far As: A DJ Mix (Six Degrees)

RPM List
SOFT PINK TRUTH - Do You Party? (Soundslike)
MESSER CHUPS - Black Blayck Magic (Thrill Jockey)
VARIOUS - Ministry of Shit (Spasticated)
CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA - Man With the Movie Camera (Ninja Tune)
VARIOUS - Seed Records Volume 1 (Seed)
THE RIP-OFF ARTIST - In Through the Out Door (Tigerbeat 6)
ARK - Alleluyark (Circus)
HAUJOBB - Vertical Theory (Metropolis)
CHASE CAMBRIDGE & NICK PETERSON - A Viable Alternative To Sexual Contact (Piehead)
DJ SHADOW - Diminishing Returns (DJ Shadow)

World List
DENGUE FEVER - Dengue Fever (Web of Mimicry)
SUSHEELA RAMAN - Love Trap (Narada)
DJ CHEB I SABBAH - As Far As: A DJ Mix (Six Degrees)
GAMELAN SEMAR PEGULINGAN - Bali: Gamelan of the Love God (Nonesuch)
VARIOUS - Russendisko (Trikont)
BEMBEYA JAZZ - Bembeya (World Village)
JUANA MOLINA - Segundo (Domino)
TAKESHI TERUACHI & BUNNYS - Takeshi Teruachi & Bunnys (Zippy)
KOCANI ORKESTAR - A Gypsy Brass Band (Wagram)
IRENA A VOJTECH HAVLOVI - Tva Zlata Lod'ka (Indies)

Loud List
BURMESE - A Mere Shadow and Reminiscence of Humanity (Tumult)
MELT BANANA - Cell-Scape (A-Zap)
THE HOSPITALS - The Hospitals (In the Red)
FORCEFIELD - Lord of the Rings Modulator (Bulb)
DARKST HOUR - Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation (Victory)
ASTERISK - Dogma (Three.One.G)
KHANATE - No Joy (Load)
THE LOCUST - Plague Soundscapes (Anti)
UNEARTHLY TRANCE - Season of Seance, Science of Silence (TMC)

Hip-Hop List
CATFIVE - American Military Operations (Catfive)
CURSE OV DIALECT - Lost In the Real Sky (Mush)
VARIABLE UNIT - Handbook For the Apocalypse (Wide Hive)
MADLIB - Shades of Blue (Blue Note)
C-RAYZ WALTZ - The Essence (Def Jux)
DOPESTYLE 1231 - Size Double D (Threshold)
SEMI.OFFICIAL - Crime (Rhymesayers)
MASTA KILLA - Digi Warfare (Nature)
LIBRETTO - Dirty Thangs (Misfit)

Jazz List
WILLIAM PARKER VIOLIN TRIO - Scrapbook (Thirsty Ear)
VARIOUS - Best of Black Jazz Records (Soul Jazz)
DOROTHY ASHBY - Afro-Harping (Verve)
STRING TRIO OF NEW YORK - Gut Reaction (Omnitone)
ROVA - Resistance (Victo)
KLiP TRIO - Herman Sonny Blount (Should I Be Concerned About This?)
BLAISE SIWULA & ADAM LANE - Tandem Rivers (Cadence)
TSAHAR/KOWALD/MURRAY - Live at the Fundacio Juan Miro (Hopscotch)
GRIOT GALAXY - Live at the DIA (Entropy Stereo)

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