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Heavy Airplay, July 10, 2003
SOUNDTRACK - City of Ghosts (Lakeshore)
THE GOTAN PROJECT - La Revancha Del Tango (Ya Basta!/XL)
RHYS CHATHAM - An Angel Moves Too Fast To See (Table of the Elements)
VARIOUS - Pop! Pop! Pigalle! (Pop! Pop! Pigalle!)
JACKIE MITTOO - Champion In the Arena (Blood and Fire)
MU - Afro Finger and Gee (Tigersushi)
THE CAESARS - 39 Minutes of Bliss (Astralwerks/Dolores/Virgin)
HARVEY REID - The Autoharp Album (Woodpecker)
COBRA VERDE - Easy Listening (Muscle Tone)
JOLIE HOLLAND - Catalpa (Jolie Holland)
VARIOUS - Ballroom Blitz (Death$sucker)
VARIOUS - Found Sound Vol. 2 (Found Sound)
GILLIAN WELCH - Soul Journey (Acony)
SOUNDMURDERER - Wired For Sound (Violent Turd)
TERRY CALLIER - The New Folk Sound Of (Fantasy/Prestige)
VARIOUS - Waza: Blue Nile (Wergo)
RAZ MESINAI - Ressurections For Goatskin (Tzadik)
RALPH MYERZ & THE JACK HERREN BAND - A Special Album (Emperor Norton)
GRIMO - Rag-Time (In Poly Sons)
FOURTET - Rounds (Domino)
PERNICE BROTHERS - Yours, Mine & Ours (Ashmont)
TIE REDS - Holy Crap! It's the Tie Reds (Tie Reds)
VARIOUS - Aliens, Psychos & Wild Things Vol. 3 (Arcania Int'l)
VARIOUS - F Disk (Acidsoxx)
LIKE A TEAM - Like a Team (Like a Team)
DVOULETA FAMA - Studio 1983 (Black Point)
SONIC YOUTH / ERASE ERRATA - Split 7" (Narnack)
SIX EYE COLUMBIA - Frowny Frown (Douche Bagaophon)
A QUI AVEC GABRIEL - Utsuho (Tzadik)
DEAD MEADOW - Shivering King and Others (Matador)

RPM List
THE GOTAN PROJECT - La Revancha Del Tango (Ya Basta!/XL)
MU - Afro Finger and Gee (Tigersushi)
VARIOUS - Ballroom Blitz (Death$sucker)
SOUNDMURDERER - Wired For Sound (Violent Turd)
FOURTET - Rounds (Domino)
TUSSLE - Eye Contact (Troubleman Unlimited)
THE BEATBOX SABOTEURS - TV Themes (House of Beauty)
GIORGIO MARAUDER - To Hell With Everyone (Mirex)
HAUJOBB - Vertical Theory (Metropolis)
GD LUXXE - The 21st Door (Interdimensional Transmissions)

World List
SOUNDTRACK - City of Ghosts (Lakeshore)
THE GOTAN PROJECT - La Revancha Del Tango (Ya Basta!/XL)
VARIOUS - Waza: Blue Nile (Wergo)
DVOULETA FAMA - Studio 1983 (Black Point)
DENGUE FEVER - Dengue Fever (Web of Mimicry)
VARIOUS - Russendisko (Trikont)
JUANA MOLINA - Segundo (Domino)
THINK OF ONE - Naft 2 (Lowlands)
KRUZENSHTERN & PAROHOD - The Craft of Primitive Klezmer (Auris)

Loud List
DEAD MEADOW - Shivering King and Others (Matador)
SKULLFLOWER - Exquisite Fucking Boredom (Tumult)
MELT BANANA - Cell-Scape (A-Zap)
SIGHTINGS - Absolutes (Load)
FORCEFIELD - Lord of the Rings Modulator (Bulb)
THE HOSPITALS - The Hospitals (In the Red)
THE LOCUST - Plague Soundscapes (Anti)
GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Direkt Aktion (Prank)
SLEEP - Dopesmoker (Tee Pee)
LEVIATHAN - The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide (Moribund)

Hip-Hop List
CURSE OV DIALECT - Lost In the Real Sky (Mush)
PUSH BUTTON OBJECTS - Ghetto Blaster (Chocolate Industries)
VARIABLE UNIT - Handbook For the Apocalypse (Wide Hive)
DOPESTYLE 1231 - Size Double D (Threshold)
C$ MONEY & DJ CHASE - Ladies Can I Have Your Attention (Stones Throw)
STYLES OF BEYOND - Mr. Brown (Ill Boogie)
SEMI.OFFICIAL - Crime (Rhymesayers)
LIFESAVAS - Fever (Quannum)
DJ BLACK PANTHER - 52 Pickup (Third Earth Music)
ICTUS - Soul Meeting (Howlin')

Jazz List
WILLIAM PARKER TRIO - Scrapbook (Thirsty Ear)
STRING TRIO OF NEW YORK - Git Reaction (Omnitone)
STARK REALITY - Now (Stones Throw)
BARNACLED - 6 (Corleone)
TSAHAR/KOWALD/MURRAY - Live at the Fundacio Juan Miro (Hopscotch)
LEE KONITZ - Motion (Verve)
KLiP TRIO - Herman Sonny Blount (Should I Be Concerned About This?)
VARIOUS - The Best of Black Jazz Records (Soul Jazz)

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