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Heavy Airplay, May 22, 2003
JAMES CHANCE - Irresistable Impulse box (Tiger Style)
VARIOUS - Sympathetic Sounds of Toe-Rag (Sympathy For the Record Industry)
RALPH CARNEY - This Is! Ralph Carney (Black Beauty)
WARDELL QUEZERQUE - 60 Smokin' Soul Senders (Funky Delicacies)
ALBERT AYLER - Music Is the Healing Force (Verve/Impulse!)
2 MANY DJ's - As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt 3 (WaxedSoul)
AMADOU & MARIAM - Wati (Circular Moves)
MOER DRAMMAZ - Boazeria (VLNA/Mik Musik)
ROSCOE HOLCOMB - An Untamed Sense of Control (Smithsonian)
VARIOUS - Under the Influence: Mixed By Rob Swift (Six Degrees)
CHROMATICS - Chrome Rats Vs. Basement Ruts (GSL)
THE BLACK KEYS - Thickfreakness (Fat Possum)
VARIOUS - A Lowtides Rising (Pseudo Arcana)
VARIOUS - Kentucky Mountain Music box (Yazoo)
SA SMASH - Last Night (Def Jux)
DERAILERS - Genuine (Lucky Dog)
THE KILLS - Keep On Your Mean Side (Rough Trade)
CHRIS KENNER - Land of 1000 Dances (Fuel 2000)
GUDIBRALLAN - T-Doha (Silence)
VARIOUS - Tribute To Alain Delon & Jean-Pierre Melville (Disques Euro-Visions)
MARY LEE'S CORVETTE - 700 Miles (Bar None)
GENESIS P-ORRIDGE - Fabulous But Painful (Important)
BETTIE SERVEERT - Log 22 (Palomine)
VARIOUS - Cafe de Flore (Sunnyside)
IVA BITTOVA - J.H. (Indies)
TONY ALLEN - Home Cooking (Narada/Virgin)
PROGRAMME - Un Vie (Fat Cat)
DARKTHRONE - Hate Them (Moonfog)

RPM List
2 MANY DJ's - As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt 3 (WaxedSoul)
DONNA SUMMER - This Needs To Be Your Style (Irritant)
JANEK SCHAEFER - His Master's Voices (AudiOh!)
AUTECHRE - Drag 7.30 (Warp)
THE BUG - Pressure (Tigerbeat 6)
VARIOUS - Ballroom Blitz (Death$ucker)
MUSLIMGAUZE - Uzbekistani Bizzarie and Soul (Important)
DJ SOULSLINGER - Ecosystem: The Brazilian Joint (Unity)
ADULT - Anxiety Always (Ersatz)
LEXAUNCULPT - The Blurring of Trees (Planet Mu)

World List
AMADOU & MARIAM - Wati (Circular Moves)
IVA BITTOVA - J.H. (Indies)
TONY ALLEN - Home Cooking (Narada/Virgin)
SOUNDTRACK - City of God (Milan)
GETATCHEW MEKURYA - Negus of Ethiopian Sax (Buda)
PAOLO CONTE - Reveries (Nonesuch)
AUGUSTUS PABLO - Rockers Meets King Tubbys In a Fire House (Shanachie)
GOTAN PROJECT - La Revancha del Tango (Ya Basta!/XL)
SOUNDTRACK - City of Ghosts (Laskeshore)
VARIOUS - Bali: Music From the Morning of the World (Nonesuch)

Loud List
GUDIBRALLAN - T-Doha (Silence)
DARKTHRONE - Hate Them (Moonfog)
NOXAGT - Turning It Down Since 2001 (Load)
LE SCRAWL - Too Short To Ignore (Life Is Abuse)
TESTORS - Complete Recordings (Swami)
THE WHIP - Freelance Liason (Wantage USA)
VARIOUS - Black On Black (Initial)
SIGHTINGS - Absolutes (Riot Season)
DYING FETUS - Stop At Nothing (Relapse)
NAGLFAR - Sheol (Century Media)

Hip-Hop List
SA SMASH - Last Night (Def Jux)
BUGSY & SNAKE - Scratchin' & Survivin' (Take Down)
ODD NOSDAM - No More Wig For Ohio (Anticon)
RJD2 - The Horror (Def Jux)
MR. DIBBS - The 30th Songs (Rhymesayers)
7L & ESOTERIC - Do It (Brick)
FAKTS ONE - The Show Starter (Coup D'etat)
TES - Times Two (Lex)
OMID - Distant Drummer (Omid)

Jazz List
ALBERT AYLER - Music Is the Healing Force (Verve/Impulse!)
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK - Compliments of the Mysterious Phantom (Sin-Drome)
MAX ROACH/ABDULLAH IBRAHIM - Streams of Consciousness (Piadrum)
PACHORA - Astereotypical (Winter and Winter)
KALI Z. FASTEAU - Oneness (Flying Note)
BORBETOMAGUS - Songs Our Mother Taught Us (Agaric)
SPRING HEEL JACK - Live (Thirsty Ear)
MAX NAGL - I Crashed My Snowplough (Rude Noises)
VARIOUS - Vision Fest / Vision Live (Thirsty Ear)
PARKER/GUY/LYTTON - At Les Instants Chavires (Psi)

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