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Heavy Airplay, June 27, 2002
(Attn. bookkeeper for RIAA, please deduct from our webstreaming bill the artists who are foreign and/or dead. Footnotes below, thank you.)

VARIOUS - Greasy Kids Stuff: Songs From Inside the Radio (Confidential)(1)
VARIOUS - Do the Pop! Australian Garage Rock Sound 1976-87 (Shock)(2)
CONTROL MACHETE - Solo Para Fanaticos (Universal Mexico)(2)
IOWASKA - Vine of Souls (Alternative Tentacles)(2)
VARIOUS - Studio One DJ's (Soul Jazz)(2)
PACHUCO BOOGIE - Historic Mexican Music Vol. 10 (Arhoolie)(2)
5 6 7 8's - Teenage Workout (Time Bomb)(2)
TONY, CARO & JOHN - All On the First Day (Shadoks Music)(2)
VARIOUS - Dynamite With a Laserbeam (Three.One.G)(3)
KO & THE KNOCKOUTS - KO & the Knockouts (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
CONSONANT - Consonant (Fenway)
ELECTRIC PRUNES - Stockholm 67 (Birdman)
MASTODON - Remission (Relapse)
JIM & JENNIE & THE PINETOPS - One More in the Cabin (Overcoat)
DUKES OF HAMBURG - Some Folks (Gearhead)
VARIOUS - Don't F*** With Us (Digital Hardcore Recordings)
VARIOUS - Man of Constant Sorrow and Other Timeless Mountain Ballads (Yazoo) (4)
DAVE BARTHOLOMEW - The Very Best of (Bayou)
PUFFY AMI YUMI - An Illustrated History (Bar None)(2)
CUL DE SAC - Immortality Lessons (Straneg Attractors)
RUFUS HARLEY - Re-Creation of the Gods (Ankh)
REVEREND GLASSEYE & HIS WOODEN LEGS - Black River Falls (Coo-Coo Bird)
AKE SANDIN - Forlorad I Toner (Subliminal Sounds) (5)
THE SHAKES - The Shakes (The Shakes)
SOUNDTRACK - Barbarella (Harkit) (6)
VARIOUS - Field and Streams (Kill Rock Stars)
VARIOUS - Hate You (V/VM) (2)
MIMIR - Mimir (Streamline) (2)
AMOEBA (RAFT BOY) - Bad Fuggum From the Mysterium (Smog Veil) (7)
OPUS AVANTRA - Opus Magnum Box (Akarma)(2)

(1) Belinda and Hova from Greasy Kids Stuff want the RIAA to give their webcast fees to Jonathan Richman and the guy who created Slime.
(2) Foreign people.
(3) Freddie Mercury is very dead.
(4) All of these guys are totally dead for like 50 years.
(5) Ake Sandin was so hated by the Swedish government and people that they burned all of his records and paperwork; don't know where to send his check.
(6) Jane Fonda wants her web royalty sent to Vietnam vets and overweight people.
(7) John Morton wants his web royalty sent to Martha Stewart.

World List
VARIOUS - Studio One DJs (Soul Jazz)
PUFFY AMI YUMI - An Illustrated History (Bar None)
OPUS AVANTRA - Opus Magnum Box (Akarma)
CHEMIRANI - Qalam Kar (Iris Music)
RONDELLUS - Sabbatum (Beg the Bug)
DANNY BEN ISRAEL - Bullshit 3 1/4 (Mio)
VARIOUS - Africa Raps (Trikont)
STELLA CHIWESHE - Talking Mbira (Piranha)
WORLD STANDARD - Jump For Joy (Daisyworld)
ABE SCHWARTZ - The Klezmer King (Legacy)

Jazz List
RUFUS HARLEY - Re-Creation of the Gods (Ankh)
WADADA LEO SMITH - Sulfur Sky (Tzadik)
GOODMAN/KAISER/LIGETI - Heavy Meta (Ecstatic Yod)
MARC MOULIN - Placebo Sessions (Counterpoint)
GOLD SPARKLE BAND - Fugues & Flowers (Squealer)
THE MUFFINS - Bandwidth (Cuneiform)
SETH MISTERKA - Presents Dynasty (Newsonic)
TRIO 3 - Open Ideas (Palmetto)
IZITITIZ - With Our With Jazz (Sound @ One)

Hip-Hop List
CONTROL MACHETE - Solo Para Fanaticos (Universal Mexico)
NONPHIXION - The Future Is Now (Landspeed)
EL-P - Fantastic Damage (Def Jux)
TTC - Ceci N'est Pas Un Disque (Big Dada)
VARIOUS - Africa Raps (Trikont)
STRICT FLOW - Don't Stop (Authentic)
ALIAS - The Other Side of the Looking Glass (Anticon)
EAMANON - What You Live For (Ill Boogie)
VARIOUS - Scratch Attack Vol. 1 (Hip Hop Slam)
BAS-1 & FANATIK - Instant Rap Star (Bomb)

RPM List
VARIOUS - Don't F*** With Us (Digital Hardcore Recordings)
VARIOUS - Hate You (V/VM)
SOUL CENTER - Soul Center (Novamute)
VENETIAN SNARES - Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006 (Planet Mu)
FARBEN - Textstar (Klang Elektronik)
SPEEDY J - Loudboxer (Novamute)
GEEEZ N GOSH - Nobody Knows (Mille Plateaux)
VARIOUS - And the Beat Goes Off! (Tigerbeat 6)
MAGICAL POWER MAKO - Cozmo Grosso (Kerojetter)
PREFUSE 73 - The 92 Vs 02 Collection (Warp)

Loud List
VARIOUS - Dynamite With a Laserbeam (Three.One.G)
MASTODON - Remission (Relapse)
VARIOUS - Dont F*** With Us (Digital Hardcore Recordings)
OXBOW - An Evil Heat (Neurot)
NOXAGT/HELLFIRE - Split 7" (Noxagt)
CATTLE DECAPITATION - Human Jerky (Three.One.G)
COMPOMICRO-DEXALL - Schism Portions (Chitah! Chitah! Soundcrack)
SKEPTICISM - The Process of Farmakon (Red Stream)
FANTOMAS MELVINS BIG BAND - Millenium Monsterwork (Ipecac)

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