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Heavy Airplay, April 17, 2002
DEERHOOF - Halfbird (Menlo Park)
BROTHER JT - Maybe We Should Take Some More? (Birdman)
ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS - The Day the Earth Met Rocket From the Tombs (Smog Veil)
SOUNDTRACK - Scratch: The Movie (Transparent)
THE MOONEY SUZUKI - Electric Sweat (Gammon)
ILITCH - 10 Suicides (Fractal)
HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS - The Eye-Popping Sounds (Birdman)
MALARIA! - Compiled 1981-1984 (Indigo)
SOLEDAD BROTHERS - Steal Your Soul and Dare Your Spirit (Estrus)
VARIOUS - Jerk! Shake! And Vibrate (Soul City)
THE CONSUMERS - All My Friends Are Dead (In the Red)
VINCE MARTIN & FRED NEIL - Tear Down the Walls (Collectors Choice)
CHRIS DOOKS - To Look North (Isis Arts/NRFTA/BBC)
CHANTIGS - Four Hats (Rodent)
BAD CASSETTES - Bad Master (Below)
SEGUN BUCKNOR - Poor Man No Get Brother (Strut)
SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE - Dark Noontide (Holy Mountain)
INTIMATE FAGS - Intimate Fags (Rip-Off)
ORTHRELM - Asristirveildrioxe (Troubleman Unlimited)
RYE COALITION - On Top (Tigerstyle)
THE DISHES - 1-2 (No. 89)
SHALABI EFFECT - The Trial of St-Orange (Alien 8)
MUSLIMGAUZE - Hummus (Soleilmoon)
DIRTY SWEETS - Bubblegum Damaged (Rip-Off)
VARIOUS - Two-Eff-M-You (Fflint)
VARIOUS - Live From the Masque (Dionysus)
PEGGY HONEYWELL - Honey For Dinner (Galaxia)
BUFFALO DAUGHTER - I (Emperor Norton)
PACIFIC 231 - Power Assume (Frith-Ladd)

World List
SEGUN BUCKNOR - Poor Man No Get Brother (Strut)
CHANO POZO - El Tambor de Cuba (Tumbao)
VARIOUS - Black Rio: Brazil Soul Power (Strut)
ANTIBALAS - Talkatif (Ninja Tune)
ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ - El Danzon de Moises (Tzadik)
SOUNDTRACK - Amores Perros (Universal/Surco)
VARIOUS - Teen Dance Music From China and Malaysia (Thrift Score)
ZIKKURAT - Zikkurat (Black Point)
VARIOUS - Jazzwad: Narcotic Riddim (Lakeshore)

Jazz List
ARTHUR DOYLE ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC ENSEMBLE - Plays the African Love Call (Ecstatic Peace!)
ALAN SILVA/KIDD JORDAN/WILLIAM PARKER - Emancipation Suite #1 (Boxholder)
CHICAGO UNDERGROUND DUO - Axis and Alignment (Thrill Jockey)
MISHA MENGELBERG QUARTET - Four in One (Songlines)
WILLIAM PARKER CLARINET TRIO - Bob's Pink Clarinet (Eremite)
ALICE COLTRANE - Transfiguration (Sepia Tone)
GUILLERMO E. BROWN - Soul at the Hands of the Machine (Thirsty Ear)
HAN BENNINK/EVAN PARKER - The Grass Is Greener (Emanem)
SETH MISTERKA - The Demon (Newsonic)

Hip-Hop List
SOUNDTRACK - Scratch: The Movie (Transparent)
TED SHRED - Mix Tape 2 (Upper Playground)
DJ YODA - How To Cut and Paste Vol. 1 (Antidote)
EDAN - Primitive Plus (Solid)
EL-P - Deep Space 9mm (Def Jux)
ODD NOSDAM - Plan 9...Meat Your Hypnotis (Mush)
DEMIGODZ - Don't You Even Go There (Ill Boogie)
SONIC SUM - Rocket (Ozone)

RPM List
MUSLIMGAUZE - Hummus (Soleilmoon)
VARIOUS - The Best Bootlegs in the World Ever (No Label)
VARIOUS - D'Afro Disco: Garri-Mix (Codek)
SUTEKH - Fell (Orthlong Musork)
TIED + TICKLED TRIO - Electric Avenue Tapes (Clearspot)
PLAID - P-Brane EP (Warp)
SMITH N HACK - Sound Hack 1 & 2 (Smith N Hack)
TINO'S BREAKS - Volume 1 & 2 - (Tino Corp)
DOMOTIC - Bye Bye (Active Suspension)
WOBBLY - Playlist (Illegal Art)

Loud List
THE MOONEY SUZUKI - Electric Sweat (Gammon)
SOLEDAD BROTHERS - Steal Your Soul and Dare Your Spirit (Estrus)
THE CONSUMERS - All My Friends Are Dead (In the Red)
INTIMATE FAGS - Intimate Fags (Rip-Off)
ORTHRELM - Asristirveildrioxe (Troubleman Unlimited)
LES RALLIZES DENUDES - Les Rallizes Denudes (No Label)
MENSTRUATION SISTERS - Dead at Slug's (Menlo Park)
CRUSHED BUTLER - Uncrushed (Dig the Fuzz)
VARIOUS - Reality Part 4 (Deep Six)
VARIOUS - Shit Associated Music Volume 1 (MicroMusic)

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