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Heavy Airplay, September 17, 2001
ERASE ERRATA - Other Animals (Troubleman Unlimited)
FAUN FABLES - Mother Twilight (Earthlight)
STEVE REID - Nova (Universal Sound)
THE CLEAN - Getaway (Merge)
ATOMSMASHER - Atomsmasher (Hydra Head)
HENRY FLYNT - Graduation and Other New Country (Ampersand)
BOREDOMS - Rebore Vol. 0 / Vision Recreation Newsun (Warner Bros. Japan)
SELOFANE SEVENTY-FOUR - Selofane Sevety-Four (Poptones)
STUCK-UPS - Stuck-Ups (Sympathy For the Record Industry)
DETROIT COBRAS - Live, Love and Leaving (Sympathy For the Record Industry)
CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS - Climax Golden Twins (Fire Breathing Turtle)
PELT - Ayahuasca (VHF)
FOUR CORNERS - Say You're a Scream (Kindercore)
GILLIAN WELCH - Time (The Revelator) (Acony)
VARIOUS - Nuggets: Luke Vibert's Selections (Lo)
A.A. ALLEN MIRACLE REVIVAL - Crying Demons (Mad Deadly Worldwide)
TAKEHISA KOSUGI - Catch-Wave (Iskra)
MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? - Beyond the Black Hole (Estrus)
NURSE WITH WOUND - Funeral Music For Perez Prado (United Dairies)
VARIOUS - Old Time Texas String Bands Vol. 1 (County)
COMPUTER COUGAR - Rough Notes on High Stress (Gern Blandsten)
SQUAREPUSHER - Go Plastic (Warp)
RED MONKEY - Gunpowder, Treason and Plot (Troubleman Unlimited)
RONNIE RONALDE - EMI Presents the Magic of (EMI Australia)
LITTLE FUJIKO - Little Fujiko (Benten)
VARIOUS - RKK13CD (Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge)
THE BYRDS - Preflyte (Poptones)
SOUNDTRACK - Down From the Mountain (Lost Highway)
AERO-MIC'D - Aero-Mic'd (Aero-Mic'd)

New World List
LITTLE FUJIKO - Little Fujiko (Benten)
EREVAN ARMENIAN MUSIC - My Heart for You (Global Village)
MIGUEL ABUELO & NADA - s/t (Condor's Cave)
TARAF DE HAIDOUKS - Band of Gypsies (Nonesuch)
CSOKOLOM - Ludo Luda/Fools Fancy (Arhoolie)
YAT-KHA - Aldyn Dashka (Yat-Kha)
VARIOUS - Darker Than Blue: Soul From Jamdown 1973-80 (Blood & Fire)
PEDRO AYALA - El Monarca del Acordeon (Arhoolie)
VARIOUS - Saoco! Masters of Afro-Cuban Jazz (Rhino)
NARA LEAO - Nara Leao (Philips Japan)

Jazz List
STEVE REID - Nova (Universal Sound)
ROB REDDY'S SLEEPING DOGS - Seeing By the Light of My Own (Knitting Factory)
JEMEEL MOONDOC VTET - Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys (Eremite)
BRASS MONKEY BRASS BAND - Live in Time and Space (Weed)
SCHWIMMER/CAINE/FELDMAN - Theremin Noir (November)
KAHIL EL'ZABAR/BILLY BANG - Spirits Entering (Delmark)
ROY CAMPBELL QUARTET - It's Krunch Time (Thirsty Ear)
DORGON & LAURA CROMWELL - Providence (Gutbrain)
BILL WARE - Sir Duke (Knitting Factory)

Hip-Hop List
AESOP ROCK - Coma (Def Jux)
VARIOUS - Funky Precedent Vol. 2 (Matador)
VARIOUS - Mush Filmstrip (Frame 1) (Shadow)
CUT CHEMIST - Bunky's Pick (Stone's Throw)
KAN KICK - On the Lookout (Meanstreet)
LEXICON - It's the L (Spytech)
THIRD SIGHT - Zodiac Killer (Disgruntled)
ILL BILL - Early Years: Rare Demos 91-94 (Psycho-Logical)
D-STROY - The Matador (Matador)
BLACKALICIOUS - Passion (Quannum)

RPM List
VARIOUS - Nuggets: Luke Vibert's Selections (Lo)
SQUAREPUSHER - Go Plastic (Warp)
VARIOUS - RKK13CD (Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge)
FELIX KUBIN - Felix Kubin (A-Musik)
JASON POTRATZ - Transfer (Phthalo)
VARIOUS - Tigerbeat 6 Inc. (Tigerbeat 6)
VARIOUS - Aanite (Aanite)
THE RIP-OFF ARTIST - The Kids Are Alright (Quartermass)
DJ/RUPTURE - Rude Descending a Staircase (Broklyn Beats)
COM.A - Dream and Hope (Notek)

Loud List
ATOMSMASHER - Atomsmasher (Hydra Head)
SCARED OF CHAKA - Crossing With Switchblades (Hopeless)
ASSOCIATION AREA - Loathsome Deco (Lunasound)
KRISIUN - Ageless Venomous (Century Media)
MASTODON - Lifesblood (Relapse)
SIGH - ImaginarySonicscape (Century Media)
LACK OF INTEREST - Trapped Inside (Slap a Ham)
FAXED HEAD - Chiropractic (Mimicry)
NEUROSIS - A Sun That Never Sets (Relapse)
RUHAEDA - Ruhaeda (Level Plane)

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