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Heavy Airplay, June 22, 2001
THE CHILLS - Secret Box (Definitive Music)
KINSKI - Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle (Pacifico)
PARSON SOUND - Parson Sound (Subliminal Sounds)
VARIOUS - East Side Sound Vol. 2 (Bacchus Archives)
KLIMPEREI - La Machine a Triboulor (Organic)
PERSONS - The Lainmeyers Are Persons (Black Bean Placenta)
VARIOUS - 1rst First Stroop By Skipp (Skipp)
ROY CAMPBELL PYRAMID TRIO - Ethnic Stew and Brew (Delmark)
VARIOUS - Seventies Mutation (Seventies Mutation)
VARIOUS - Fuzz, Flaykes and Shakes Volume 5 (Bacchus Archives)
PUFFY AMI YUMI - Smile (Sony Japan)
VARIOUS - Kusaki (Angelika Kohlermann)
EX-MODELS - Other Mathematics (Ace Fu)
OTTO VON SCHIRACH - 8000 BC (Schematic)
IT'S ALL MEAT - It's All Meat (Hallucinations)
THE MULLENS - It's Tough To Tell (Get Hip)
BRUCE HAACK - Electric Lucifer Book 2 (Normal)
JD & THE EVIL'S DYNAMITE BAND - JD & the Evil's Dynamite Band (Soul Fire)
PINK & BROWN - Final Foods (Toyo)
TIM BUCKLEY - The Dream Belongs To Me (Manifesto)
GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Irritainment (Prank)
HAZARD - Wind (Ash International)
RUFUS WAINWRIGHT - Poses (Dreamworks)
SHELBY BRYANT - Cloud-Wow Music (Smells Like Records)
PHILL NIBLOCK - Touch Works For Hurdy Gurdy (Touch)
VARIOUS - The Psychedelic Experience, Vol 4 (Mystic)
EMMYLOU HARRIS - Anthology (Rhino)
VARIOUS - Heavy Flute (Label M)
V/VM - Help Aphex Twin 1.0 (V/VM)
THE RAPTURE - Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks (Sub Pop)

New World List
PARSON SOUND - Parson Sound (Subliminal Sounds)
PUFFY AMI YUMI - Smile (Sony Japan)
HARUNA ISHOLA & HIS APALA - Apala Messenger (Indige)
LES EXCENTRIQUES - Les Excentriques (RCA)
VARIOUS - Bollywood Breaks (Outcaste)
VARIOUS - New York City: Global Beat of the Boroughs (Smithsonian)
KING JAMMY MEETS DRY & HEAVY - In the Jaws of the Tiger (BSI)
COSTES - Nik Ta Race (Rectangle)
JORGE BEN - Africa Brasil (Polygram Brasil)

Jazz List
ROY CAMPBELL PYRAMID TRIO - Ethnic Stew and Brew (Delmark)
VARIOUS - Heavy Flute (Label M)
ABSTRACT - Abstract (Ami)
SPRING HEEL JACK - Blues Series Continuum/Masses (Thirsty Ear)
JOHN ZORN - The Gift (Tzadik)
CHICAGO UNDERGROUND QUARTET - Chicago Underground Quartet (Thrill Jockey)
JOE MORRIS - Singularity (AUM Fidelity)
SUN RA & HIS INTERGALACTIC ARKESTRA - It Is Forbidden (Total Energy)

Hip-Hop List
MASPYKE / BJ AKA HOMESKILL - Split 12" (7Heads)
DJ JESTER - River Walk Riots (Two-Ten)
D-STROY - Roll Out (Matador)
DJ QUEST - Questside (Untold Tales (Hip Hop Slam)
HEAD KRACK - Clear (Landspeed)
VARIOUS - Droppen the Bomb (Bomb)
HAWD GANGSTUH RAPPUH MC'S WID GHATZ - Wake Up and Smell the Piss (Load)
MF DOOM - Operation: Doomsday (Subverse/Metalface)
VARIOUS - Turntables By the Bay Vol. 2 (Hip Hop Slam)
MR. KHALIYL - Wages (Rawkus)

RPM List
VARIOUS - 1rst First Stroop By Skipp (Skipp)
VARIOUS - Kusaki (Angelika Kohlermann)
OTTO VAN SCHIRACH - 8000 BC (Schematic)
V/VM - Help Aphex Twin 1.0 (V/VM)
VARIOUS - American Breakbeat (Klangkrieg)
DJ LOGIC - The Anomaly (Atlantic/Rope-A-Dope)
CONTINUOUS MODE - Disinformation Design (Klang Elektronik)
AUTCHRE - Confield (Warp)
NEOTROPIC - La Prochaine Fois (Ninjatune)
VARIOUS - Clicks and Cuts 2 (Mille Plateaux)

Loud List
PINK & BROWN - Final Foods (Toyo)
GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Irritainment (Prank)
ORCHID - Dance Tonight! Revolution (Ebullition)
PAGANS - Shit Street (Crypt)
MAINLINER - Imaginative Plain (PSF)
ZENI GEVA - 10,000 Light Years (Neurot)
THE FUCKING PIGS - Greatest Shits (Fucking Pigs)
GUAPO - Great Sage, Equal of Heaven (Pandemonium/Tumult)
OCTIS - Uppragn Srilimia Ocrilim Nollfiths Mrithixyl (Peterbilt)
HEMLOCK - Lust For Fire (Full Moon)

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