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Heavy Airplay, November 10, 2000
QUINTRON - Unmasked Organ Light Year (Bulb)
WHITE STRIPES - DeStijl (Sympathy For the Record Industry)
APE HAS KILLED APE - Mattricide (Transparency)
VARIOUS - Serotonin Ronin II (Camera Obscura)
INSOMNIACS - Get Something Going! (Estrus)
ROCK * A * TEENS - Sweet Bird of Youth (Merge)
KAMINUMADA YOHJI - Katana (Aether)
FESTIVAL OF DEAD DEER - Many Faces of Mental Illness (Three.One.G)
VARIOUS - Tea at the Palace of Hoon (Hozomeen)
BOBBYTEENS - Not So Sweet (Estrus)
PEOPLE LIKE US - Lassie House/Jumble Massive (Caciocavallo)
DESPERATE BICYCLES - Another Commercial Venture (Acute)
SUN RA - Cymbals/Crystal Spears (Evidence)
SOCKEYE - Barf on a Globe (Mortville)
ANGELBLOOD - Angelblood (Captain Trip)
VARIOUS - New Music From Central & Eastern Europe (Tamizdat)
HP LOVECRAFT - Two Classic Albums (Collectors Choice)
BOYD RICE - The Way I Feel (Caciocavallo)
VARIOUS - Killed By Absurdity Volume 1 (Failed Pilot)
VARIOUS - Crimestoppers Volume 1 (Rhino)
VARIOUS - Psychedelic Crown Jewels Vol. 3 (Gear Fab)
RADIOHEAD - Kid A (Capitol)
V MAJESTIC - Dynamic Alloy (Mysterioso)
BROADCAST - Extended Play 2 (Tommy Boy)
SOUNDTRACK - Le Planet Sauvage (DC Recordings)
MUSTAFIO - Mustafio (Stinko Productions)
JOHN CAGE/KENNETH PATCHEN - The City Wears a Slouch Hat (Cortical)
HARTLEY C. WHITE - Coming Out Fighting (Whoopazootic)
MELTED MEN - I Drink Blood (Rainbow of Decay)

New World List
KAMINUMADA YOHJI - Katana (Aether)
VARIOUS - New Music From Central & Eastern Europe (Tamizdat)
CIRCLE - Pori (Feldspar)
TOM ZE - Tom Ze (Sony Brasil)
MODULO 1000 - Nao Fale Com Parades (Top Musica)
STATE OF BENGAL - Visual Audio (Six Degrees)
VARIOUS - Frikyiwa Volume 2 (Six Degrees)
VARIOUS - Jack Ruby Presents the Black Foundation (Heartbeat)
JUN TOGAWA - 20th (God Ocean)
TOTO LA MOMPOSINA - Carmelina (Indigo)

Jazz List
SUN RA - Cymbals/Crystal Spears (Evidence)
MUHAL RICHARD ABRAMS - Things To Come (Delmark)
ARTHUR DOYLE TRIO - A Prayer For Peace (Zugswang)
OSCAR NORIEGA'S PLAY PARTY - Luciano's Dream (Omnitone)
MILFORD GRAVES - Stones (Tzadik)
SPACEWAYS INCORPORATED - 13 Cosmic Standards (Atavistic)
JIM BLACK - Alasnoaxis (Winter & Winter)
MATTHEW SHIPP TRIO - Prism (Hatology)
STEVE LACY - Hooky (Emanem)

Loud List
FESTIVAL OF DEAD DEER - Many Faces of Mental Illness (Three.One.G)
COCK ESP - Excessive Size Punisher (Fever Pitch)
URE THRALL & THE FRUITLESS HAND - Forbidden Fruit (HydrX Delusions)
JPT SCARE BAND - Sleeping Sickness (Monster)
FAT DAY - Cats of the Wild (100% Breakfast)
THE LOWDOWN - Revolver II (Strange Attractors)
THE HAUNTED - Made Me Do It (Earache)
ENTROPY - Kill the Messenger (625)
TARANTULA HAWK - Tarantula Hawk (Life is Abuse)
CRYPTOPSY - And Then You'll Beg (Century Media)

RPM List
PEOPLE LIKE US - Lassie House/Jumble Massive (Caciocavallo)
PLUXUS/FRIDGE - Pluxus Vs. Fridge vs. Pluxus (BT/Space)
VARIOUS - Xen Cuts (NinjaTune)
NICO vs. TRANCE GROOVE - Reich der Traume (Funfundvierzig)
PLURAMON - Bit Sand Riders (Remixes) (Mille Plateaux)
MR. VELCRO FASTENER - Lucky Bastards Living Up North (!220 Music)
IAN POOLEY - Since Then (V2)
SAD ROCKETS - Transition (Matador)
DNTEL - Something Always Goes Wrong (Pthalo)

BeatBox List
MUSTAFIO - Mustafio (Stinko Productions)
FOREIGN LEGION - Kidnapper Van (Insiduous Van)
OUTKAST - Stankonia (LaFace/Arista)
JEDI MIND TRICKS - Genghis Khan (Superegular)
YOUNGBLOOD BRASS BAND - Unlearn (Youngblood Brass Band)
DJ REVOLUTION - In 12"s We Trust (Ground Control)
ACEYALONE - A Book of Human Language (Project Blowed)
YAH SUPREME - Alone (SonDoo)
TECHNO ANIMAL vs. DALEK - Megaton (Matador)
VARIOUS - Le Flow (Ultra)

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