Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

October 21, 2001

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Mr. Clean - The Jam
How Can It Be - Slade
La Cacharrona - The Maganzoides

Odd Rod - The Goddamn Gentlemen
You Lied To Me Before - The Treez
Island In The Sun - Weezer
I Sold My Heart To The Junk Man - Patti Labelle & the Blue Belles
Tillman Co. - Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
Bad Woman - The Fallen Angels

Yo Tengo Una Novia - Jonathan Richman
Gone Gone Gone - Carl Perkins
Aloha -The Headhunters
Don't Crowd Me - Keith Kessler
Sylvia - The Briefs

Your Face Is In My Mind - The Orange Alabaster Mushroom
Sweet Old Fashioned Girl - Teresa Brewer
Buzz Buzz A Diddle It - Matchbox
Little Girl - The Underdogs
Scream My Name - The Shams

Who Will Save Rock & Roll - The Dictators
I've Got A Girl - The Dearly Beloved
Kailee Anne - Michael Carpenter
A Little Bitty Tear - Burl Ives
What's Wrong - The Magnetic IV

My New School - Neil Innes
Farmer John - The Premiers
(I Don't Like) The Man I Am - Thee Headcoats
Why Do Kids Grow Up - Randy & the Rainbows
Stir The Ashes - The Walkabouts

Put Out - Les Sexareenos
Furry Murray - The Tradewinds
Hard Enough - The Gore Gore Girls
Lenny Valentino - The Auteurs
My Flash On You - Thee Sixpence
Karl Marx And History - Randy

Hanging On The Telephone - The Kirby Grips
Black Is Black - Los Straitjackets
Hey Hey - The Sound Barrier
Airs - The Upper Crust
It Was I - Skip & Flip

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