Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

September 23, 2001

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Pilot - Blue Cheer
Who Will Save Rock & Roll - Jack & The Beanstalk
Left Just The Same - The Hands of Time

Tillman Co. - Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
Starvation - The Golden Dawn
Egypt, Texas - The Insect Surfers
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - Joan Baez
Walking In Squares - Crowns on 45
Magic In The Air - The Attack

Teen Rebel - The Loners
Livin' - The Henchmen
One Of A Kind - The Thurston Howlers
Schoolgirl - The Mindbenders
In The Act - The Von Bondies

Bangs - They Might Be Giants
Phantasmagoria In Two - Tim Buckley
Soldier - The Slumber Party
You're Gonna Be Mine - The Four Of Us
Honeydoo - Dan Bern
Next Plane To London - The Rose Garden

Mater Dolores - El Vez
WiTh A Girl Like You - The Troggs
Miss Brown - The Neon Judgement
Come To Me - The Barons
Having An Average Weekend - Dirk Doom & The Overdrive Orchestra

Proletarian Hop - Randy
Help, I'm Lost - The Minds Eye
Sorrows Minus One - The Satelliters
Little Girl - The Underdogs
The Druids Are Here - Doctor & The Medics

Gi' Us A Dram - The Real McKenzies
Louie, Go Home - Paul Revere & The Raiders
Trash - The Scruffs
Kaleidoscoptic - Shiva's Headband
Only Dreaming (Wide Awake) - Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
The Urge For Going - Tom Rush

Could You Love Me - Denise James
She's The Girl - Zerochild
Another Face - The White Lights

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