Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

June 3, 2001

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Imitation of Life - REM
The Other Side Of Me - The Mullens
Apartment Two - The Realistics
Garden State Parkway Boogie - Holme

Shadows of the Night - Dead Moon
Moanin' - The Bunnys
Another Nail In My Heart - Squeeze
Summertime Summertime - The Jamies
Speak To Me - Billy Childish & his Famous Headcoats

The Hives Are Low, You Are Crime - The Hives
I Don't Want To Try It Again - The Dagenites
Brain Damage - The Blake Babies
Thou Shalt Not Steal - Glenda Collins
Sugaree - Michael Fremer

It's In Her Kiss - The Neatbeats
Summer Means Fun - Bruce & Terry
The Morning Sad - The Veruca Salt
Sorry - The Palace Guards
A Young Girl Is Gone - The Legendary Golden Vampires

Lies - The Greenhornes
London's A Lonely Town - Dave Edmunds
Bonneville Stomp - The Cave 4
The Trip - Godfrey
Time To B - Barbara Manning & the Go-Luckys

All Pigs Must Die - Death In June
Gorilla - The Shandels
Offend In Every Way - The White Stripes
You've Made Up My Mind - The Devilles
So Magical - ATC

Shades Of Blue - Steve Wynn
The Cat Came Back - The Sting Rays
Sicilian Civilian - Seks Bomba
Anywhere The Girls Are - The Fantastic Baggies
Ace of Toyota - The Royal Fingers

I Need A-Nuddin' - Ike Turner & the Kings Of Rhythm
Did Ya Need To Know - Dale Gregory & the Shouters
Simple Pages - Weezer
True Love Knows - Beep Beep & the Roadrunners
Bad Word For A Good Thing - The Friggs

Girl - Les Sexareenos
7 Days Of Cryin' - The Cavaliers
Bath of Least Resistance - NOFX
The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget - The Raindrops
I Want To Conquer The World - Bad Religion

Cheeseburger To Go - Mindburger
She's Not Just Anybody - The Dovers
Not Now, No Way - The Pagans
Chains - The Cookies
Bombora - The Coffin Daggers

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