Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

April 8, 2001

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Ich Will - Rammstein
El Monster Surfin' Time - Los Pelegrinos Negros
Beck's Bolero - The Jeff Beck Group

Blackboard Of Your Mind - The Anderson Council
Courage To Cry - The Electras
Uncontrollable Urge - The Kowalskis
Mother Of Earth - The Sadies
Sold To The Highest Bidder - The Electric Prunes
Big Sky - The Sandblasters

Brain Damage - The Blake Babies
Come On - Earl Nelson
Information - The Guttersnipes (NJ)
Complication - The Monks
Frankie's Groovy Monster Boots - Eddie Angel & the Omega Men

Beep Beep Love - The Incredible Moses Leroy
Farmer John - The Tidal Waves
Santa Ain't Coming For Christmas - Rocket 455
Spanish Flea - The Sir Finks
Bad Time - The Roulettes
She Drove A Tempest - Me First

Hard Enough - The Gore Gore Girls
Empty Heart - Kenny & the Kasuals
Mad Man - The Hives
House Of The Rising Sun - Frijid Pink
(Theme From) Slaying Beauty - The Bambi Molesters

Medicated - (Just To Get By) - Quickie
Please Let Me Love You - The Beefeaters
Rat Race - The Fastbacks
Shampoo - Jerk Alert
Cha Cha Chu - Jerry Hawkins
Lively One - The Mistreaters

Hot Doggin' - The Mach Kung-Fu
The Way I Feel - The Wrong Numbers
She's Gone - The Registrators
Insane Today - The Fabulous Disaster
Mr. Man - The Lyrics
Frankenstomp - Satan's Pilgrims

Organize - Little Steven
Morning - The What-Nots
Stay Awhile - Andy G & the Roller Kings
You're Gonna Miss Me - The Spades
All The Ghosts In Your House - The Oranges Band
The Way I Walk - Jack Scott

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