Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

January 28, 2001

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Shutterbug - Arlo
You Don't Mean It - The Minus 5
When The Castle Falls - Anthemic Pop Wonder
Why Don't You Love Me - Holly Golightly & Dan Melchior
I'll Be Gone - The Coastliners
Killer 45 - The Immortal Lee County Killers
Don't Cry - Richie's Renegades
Play My Game - The Donnas
Enough - The Bohemian Vendetta
I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight - The Young Fresh Fellows
You're Never Gonna Love Me Anymore - The Bucaneers
Nothing Can Satisfy Me - Ray Nyack & the Symptoms of Depression
Just Like Romeo & Juliet - The Reflection 5
That's The Way It Goes - 999
Garden of my Mind - The Mickey Finn
This Decade's Idiots - Everlounge
Silver Threads and Golden Needles - The Springfields
Fifty Per Cent - The High
Your Golden Touch - The Clockwork Orange
Bad Advice - Mr. Bennett
I Fell Right Down - The Strollers
The Other Way Around - The Heathens
Call The Draw - The Fatal Flying Guilloteens
I Woke Up In Love This Morning - The Partridge Family
Never Want To Be Like You - The Moviees
Just Can't Kick - The Electric Frankenstein
99th Floor - The Moving Sidewalks
Road Rage - The Hillbilly Hellcats
Knock Knock - The Humane Society
Leave Me Loose - The Dukes of Hamburg
A Basket Of Flowers - The Nightcrawlers
Without Reason - Smallstone
Don't Tread On Me - Kit & the Outlaws
Nothing To Lose - Pulley
In The Past - We The People
Nothing In Return - Roky Erickson & the Aliens
Wait A Minute - Tim Tam & The Turn-Ons
You Lied - The Female Chauvinist Pigs
Ice Cold Lemonade - Death By Chocolate
The Loop - Pussycrush
Hanging On The Telephone - The Nerves
Where The Girls Are - The Gossip
Lone Twister - The Lone Twister

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