The Antique Phonograph Hour with MAC

Playlist for Nov 24, 2001
with guest John Lambert

Every Saturday afternoon, 6 PM to 7 PM.
78s and cylinders played on actual period reproducing devices.
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Cows May ComeIrving KaufmanIndestructible 1910
If I'm Going To Die, I'm Going To Have Some FunArthur CollinsEdison 1907
Foolish QuestionsBilly MurrayEdison 1909
When Father Laid the Carpet on The StairsBilly MurrayEdison 1905
The Right Church But The Wrong PewEd MortonIndestructible 1910
Mary Was a HousemiadSherman H DudleyEdison 1902
A Lucky DuckEdison OrchestraEdison 1903
My Wifes Gone to The CountryBob RobertsIndestructible 1910
I'm The Only Star That Twinkles on BroadwayAda JonesEdison 1905
The Dixie RubeEdison Military BandEdison 1906
Parody on Widows Plea for Her SonWill F DennyEdison 1904
I'm Getting Ready For My Mother In LawBob RobertsEdison 1907
I Want To Be A Merry Widowada JonesIndestructible 1910
The Leader of the German BandCollins & HarlanEdison 1907
Beautiful EyesAda JonesIndestructible 1910
He Lost Her in the Subwayada JonesEdison 1907
When Priscilla Tries to REach High "C"Ada Jones & Billy MurrayEdison Blue Amberol 1916
Peter GinkTuxedo Dance OrchEdison Blue Amberol 1919
Desperate DesmondFreed DuprezEdison Blue Amberol 1915

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