The Antique Phonograph Hour with MAC

Playlist for Nov 10, 2001

Every Saturday afternoon, 6 PM to 7 PM.
78s and cylinders played on actual period reproducing devices.
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Wang Wang BluesVan & SchenkColumbia 1921
Stop Yer Tickling JockHarry LauderVictor 1910
You Gonna Reap Just What You SowFisk Jubilee SingersVictor 1921
It Aint Gonna Rain No Mo part 2Wendall HallVictor 1924
Is Gwine Back to DixieZonophone MinstrelsZonophone 1900
Hot Tamale ManArthur CollinsVictor 1909
Iım Nobodys BabyMarion HarrisColumbia 1921
The Villian of the PieceWill EvansEdison Bell 190?
Your Eyes Have Told Me SoJohn McCormackVictor 1910
Honeymoon MarchMose TapieroVictor 1907
Golden Dream GirlMiss Lee MorsePerfect 192?
Blitz and Blatz By the SeasoreEdison 190?
Teasing The CatFred Van EpsVictor 1917
Thats The Kind of Baby For MeEddie CantorVictor 1917
The Strolling YodlerAnonColumbia 1914
MississippiFrances WhiteVictor 1918

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