The Antique Phonograph Hour with MAC

Playlist for Oct 27, 2001
with guest Norman Bruderhofer from Germany

Every Saturday afternoon, 6 PM to 7 PM.
78s and cylinders played on actual period reproducing devices.
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Sourire d'avrilColumbia OrchestraColumbia/Oxford Indestructible 1906?
Wenn die Schwalben heimwaerts ziehenMarie Rappold & Jaques Urlus- EdBA 1916
Gnadenarie aus "Robert der Teufel"Emilie HerzogEdGM 1904
Out went the GasHarry ChampionEdison-Bell 1906?
Vogerl fliegst in die Welt hinausProto-OrchesterSolitaer Record 1902-1908?
Verrueckt, VerdrehtOscar StolbergEdBA 1913
Tiroler Holzhacker Buab'n MarschEdison OrchesterEdGM 1906
Der Hochschul-Cadettenmarschunknown OrchestraBrown Wax 1902?
HiawathaLondon Regimental BandBlack Lambert (Edison-Bell Indestructible) 1906?
Les enfants et les meres Mercadier PathZ BW 1902
Happy DaysElizabeth SpencerEdBA 1912
The BellmanFrank C. StanleyEdGM 1903
Over a Cup of TeaElla RetfordSterling 1906?
Schoenau mein ParadiesJohann Strauss-Orchester mit ChorEdGM 1912
My Own United StatesHarry MacDonoughPink Lambert (American) 1903

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