The Antique Phonograph Hour with MAC

Playlist for April 17,2001

Every Tuesday afternoon, 7 PM to 8 PM.
78s and cylinders played on actual period reproducing devices.
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Silver HeelsVess OssmanVictor 1907
TickletoesAda JonesColumbia 1910
Huckleberry PieAda Jones Billy MurrayVictor 1912
It's Nice To Be Nice To A Nice Little Girl Like YouAda Jones Walter Van BruntColumbia 1911
That Mysterious RagAmerican QuartetVictor 1911
Moonlight BayAmerican QuartetVictor 1912
What'll We Do With Him, BoysPeerless QuartetColumbia 1918
That Naughty MelodyPeerless QuartetColumbia 1913
Here's My FriendBob RobertsEdison 1904
That Mesmerizing MendelssohnCollins HarlanVictor 1910
Fol The Rol LolEdward FavorEdison 1905
The Rolling StoneWilliam HooleyVictor 1911
The Next Horse I Ride OnVesta VictoriaVictor 1907
Red Rose RagDolly ConnollyColumbia 1911
Achin' Hearted BluesSarah MartinOkeh 1922
I Never Miss The SunshineClara SmithColumbia 1923
The Girl Behind The GunJaudas Society OrchEdison Blue Amberol 1919

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