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January 24, 2001: Dedicated to Burt

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    The Accuplaylist Key:
    "Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

    "Nescafe Calypso" MAX WOISKI / NESCAFE (Pop Shopping Vol 1)
    "Does Your Head Feel Lighter Than Air?" JOHN SCHNALL (More Songs From Midnight Matinee)
    "Daddy's Out of Focus / Olive" DEATH BY CHOCOLATE (self titled)
    "Drowned and the Saved / So Many Years" INVADERS FROM THE HEART (Without Judgement)
    "Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles" SANDY DILLON & HECTOR ZAZOU (12 - Las Vegas Is Cursed)

    "Vugo" ALEXANDER SOPCHECK (Masks) *
    "Find My Baby" MOBY (Play)
    "I Found Out" JOHN LENNON / PLASTIC ONO BAND (self titled)
    "Simply What I Want To Do" WORKSHOP (Welcome Back the Workshop)
    "Friday" THE MOMES (Spiralling)
    "Maybe Your Baby" THE DIRTBOMBS (Some Singles Joe Lent Us)
    "Higher Ground" STEVIE WONDER (Innervisions)

    "Fresher Than The Sweetness In Water" GORKY'S ZYGOTIC MYNCI (The Blue Trees)
    "Drum Beat for Baby" WEEKEND (La Variete)
    "Track 13" MRS. FUN (Funsville)
    "Chatanooga Choo Cho" JACKIE & THE CEDRICS (Presenting)
    "Jet City" SEKS BOMBA (Operation Bomba)
    "Thunderbirds" CYRIL STAPLETON & HIS ORCH (Thunderbirds & Other Top '60's TV Themes Vol 2)
    "Tequila" THE PUGS (Bite The Red Knee)

    "The Mollusk" WEEN (Title Track)
    "Fillmore Jive" PAVEMENT (Crooked Rain Crooked Rain)
    "Lookout Joe" NEIL YOUNG (Tonight's The Night)
    "Love Will Tear Us Apart" THE KING (Gravelands)
    "Freedom of '76" WEEN (Chocolate and Cheese)
    "The Cross" PRINCE (Sign 'O The Times)

    "Come and Play With Us" JOHN SCHNALL (More from Midnight Matinee)
    "Ein Abend in Wien" ARLING & CAMERON (All In)
    "Red Leather" PEACHES (Title Track)
    "Track 21" ROVO with DJ FORCEMAN (Shock City Chockers comp)
    "You're Out of the Computer" BINGO GOZINGO / PRINCESS (Rock the Rock)
    "Fellini's Hat" WHEN (Black White and Grey)
    "Sumbawa" SABAH HABAS MUSTAPHA & THE JUGALA ALL STARS (Indonesia: Rough Guide)
    "Marianne" MAKUGAMI KOICHI (Koroshi No Blues)

    "*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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