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Playlist for May 1, 2001
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"Mayday! Mayday! We Have Been Hijacked!"
special audio terrorism by Jason Blackkat (Blackkat Collective)

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Playlist Key: Artist -  "Song Title"  - Album (if not a single) - label

$¢ still on his funk kick...

Lou Rawls  "You Made Me So Very Happy"  ** Capitol
The 8th Day  "She's Not Just Another Woman"  *V/A:Best of Invictus Records* Invictus/Deep Beats
Billy Harper's Fourth World  "Get With It"  *V/A:Strata East* Strata East/Universal Sound
James Brown  "The Payback Mix (Remixed by Coldcut)" *V/A: Rhythm Method* Casablanca

Kick Over the Statues set by Jason Blackkat +
Interview with DJ Chrome (aka Arrow) and Jason
(Blackkat Collective)...

(lotsa rekkids you probably won't track down, but will
try to get some playlist for the future...)

and back to the ish with $¢

Shelly Thunder  "Kuff '89"  ** Mango
Shabba Ranks feat. KRS-One  "The Jam (Back To The Bridge Mix)"  ** Epic
Airplane Soundtrack  "I Speak Jive"  ** Regency
Show and AG  "Spit (Inst.)"  *Full Scale EP* DITC
Ed O. G.  feat. Pete Rock  "Situations"  *The Truth Hurts* Metro Concepts
KMD   "It Sounded Like _ Rock"  *Black Bastards* Metal Face/Sub Verse
Jahbaz  "Dirty Jungle"  *V/A: Heavy Loungin'* Fat City
?  "A Word To The Hip"  *V/A: From The Cold Jaws of Prison* Folkways
Swamp Dogg  "Redneck"  *Total Destruction of Your Mind* Canyon
Mike Post  "White Shadow"  *Televsion Theme Songs* Elektra
Richard Hayman  "The Girl From Ipanema"  *Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine* Command
Piero Umiliani  "Essere Donna"  *Svezia Infeno e Paradiso* Easy Tempo
Gil Evans  "Foxy Lady"  *Plays the music of Jimi Hendrix* RCA
The Kaleidoscope  "Egyptian Gardens"  *Side Trips* Edsel
The Castaways  "Liar Liar"  ** Soma
The Wipers  "Romeo"  *History of Portand Punk*
Lynard Skynard  "Free Bird (Spoon and Candel Workshop Fuckup)"  *V/A: 70's Mutation*  70's Mutation
Peter Brotzmann Octet  "Machine Gun"  *Machine Gun* FMP
The Heath Brothers  "Smilin' Billy Suite, Pt. 1"  *Marchin' On!* Strata East
Tom Scott  "Rural Still Life"  *Rural Still Life* Impulse
Bud Powell  "A Night In Tunisia"  *The Amazing...* Blue Note
Miles Davis  "A Night In Tunisia" *The Musings of Miles* Prestige
Miles Davis "Funky Tonk"  *Live/Evil* Columbia
John Coltrane  "Om, Pt. 2"  *Om* Impulse
Buchanon and Goodman  "Flying Saucer Pt. 1" ** Luniverse

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