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Playlist for December 6, 1999:
A visit and chat with Gorky's Zygotic Mynci.




*Indicates a selection from my collection
Yume Bitsu "Truth" Yume Bitsu
*Kendra Smith /David Roback /Keith Mitchell "Lullabye" Fell From the Sun 12"
*Vinicius Cantuária "Rio Negro" Sol Na Cara
Le Orme "Fiori e Colori" /"Finita La Scuola" L'Aurora Delle Orme

*The Soft Machine "Hope for Happiness" The Soft Machine
*The Mommyheads "Coming Into Beauty" Coming Into Beauty
*Giant Sand "Barbeque Suite" excpt.("World Stands Still" /"Good and Gone")" Backyard Barbeque Broadcast
R.Stevie Moore "Where We are Right Now" The Future Is Worse Than The Past
*David Garland "Late One Night" Togetherness
*The Beach Boys "Wind Chimes" Smiley Smile
*Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Hallway" Spanish Dance Troupe

Interview with Megan Childs and Euros Rowlands of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci


Due to a nasty flu, half the band was resting up for an evening gig at NYC's Mercury Lounge. We had a brief chat, and played a few cuts from their latest album, "Spanish Dance Troupe", which includes a song created at WFMU (She Lives on a Mountain) the last time they visited. Gorky's Gygotic Mynci* is currently on tour with Stereolab.

*For anyone interested, "Mynci" is pronounced "mon-KEE". Gorky's Zygotic Mynci's name is not a significant Welsh phrase, but rather a string of three nonsense words.



Chris (Stubbs) & Scott (Williams) "Diamond Dew" We Do Gorky's
Japancakes "A Short Mile"  
Matt Pond PA "Measure 2" Measure
Her Space Holiday "Our Favorite Day" The Astronauts are Sleeping, Vol.1
*Magna Carta "Elizabethan" Seasons
Charalambides "Denver Harbor Houston
*Gastr Del Sol "Each Dream is an Example" Camofleur
Trembling Blue Stars "Half In Love with Leaving" Dark Eyes EP

David Grubbs "Amleth's Gambit" The Thicket
*Lenny Tristano "Coolin' Off with Ulanov" Out on a Limb
Borchum Welt "Claire de Lune" Martians and Spaceships!
Jimpster "You Are" Messages from the Hub
*Spanky and Our Gang "Yesterday's Rain" Without Rhyme or Reason

*The Trolleyvox "Don't Turn Me On" Ephemera for the Future
Huon "Tumbleweeds" Songs for Lord Tortoise
Purple Ivy Shadows "City" White Electric
Magick Heads "Don't Knock It Down" Transvection
*The Rooks "In the Neighborhood" A Wishing Well


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