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Playlist for Playlist for November 29, 1999:

Hudson's churning greenly, music's turning sweetly.




*Indicates a selection from my collection.
*Mahavishnu Orchestra "Dream" The Lost Trident Sessions
Kálmán Balough & The Gypsy Cymbalom Band "Gypsy Colours"  Kálmán Balough & The Gypsy Cymbalom Band
*The Les Paul Trio "Dark Eyes" V Disc Recordings
The Comedian Harmonists "Night and Day" The Comedian Harmonists
Tan Dun "To Come" Bitter Love
The Album Leaf "Airplane" An Orchestrated Rise to Fall

*Monkeyworks "The Daphne Quiz" /"Hit By a Dragonfly" Monkeyworks
*Nina Simone "Blue Prelude" Anthology: The Colpix Years
Toe 2000 "Ball" Toe 2000
*Gastr Del Sol "Blues Subtitled No Sense of Wonder" Camofleur

Jim O'Rourke "The Workplace" Halfway to a Threeway
*The Boston Guitar Trio: Faure "Prelude & Fugue" A Boston Guitar Project
In Gowan Ring "Arrowsmith's Fire" The Glinting Spade
Duster "And Things (are Mostly Ghosts)" 1975
Purple Ivy Shadows "Along" White Electric

Tim Buckley "Ashbury Park Version 1 (take 8)" Works In Progress
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Murder Ballad" Spanish Dance Troupe
Brendan Perry "Sloth" Eye of the Hunter
*Leonard Cohen "Bird On a Wire"  
Thomas Beckmann, cello /Johannes Cernota, piano: Chaplin "Oh! That Cello" Oh! That Cello
Matt Pond PA "New Fall" Measure

*The Trolleyvox "Petal Steel" Ephemera for the Future
*The Triffids "My Baby Thinks She's a Train" Treeless Plain
The Cocteau Twins "Beatrix" BBC Sessions
*Lee Konitz "You Don't Know What Love Is" Motion
Flying Saucer Attack "Since When (Four)" Harmony of the Spheres (Drunken Fish Compilation)
Charalambides "Denver Horror" Houston

*Die Knödel "Chinese Lanterns" Die Noodle!
Essex Green "Sixties" Everything Is Green


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