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Playlist for October 4, 1999:

Big Lazy walks the rain-soaked Jersey City streets.





*Indicates a selection from my collection
*Martha Wainwright "You've Got a Way" (CD EP)
*Richard Thompson "Uninhabited Man" Mock Tudor
*Wild Carnation "Slingshot 'Round the Sun" Superbus demos
Pell Mell "On Approach" Star City
*Joshua "Winter Together" Life Less Lost
*Guided By Voices "Look At Them" /"No Skip" /"Bright Paper Werewolves" /"Lord of Overstock" Under the Bushes, Under the Stars

Live Performance by Big Lazy

(Stephen Ulrich, guitar / Paul Dugan, bass / Tamir Muskat, drums)

Lazy Boy is now BIG LAZY!!!!!!!!!

The band had to change their name from Lazy Boy to Big Lazy after a trademark conflict with the La-Z-Boy furniture company. According to the band, "Seems the recliner folks fear mass confusion between their chair and our twangy, lurid, primeval, mournful, frantic, pretty, ugly, rocking, reverb-drenched instrumental music." Happily, none of this has affected their music, and they're just as darkly wonderful as ever!


In order to find out about upcoming gigs, or to purchase a CD, contact Big Lazy at their website:

You can also buy the CD directly from Big Lazy. Please send $14 ($12 for CD $2 shipping) to:

Stephen Ulrich
PO Box 220-303
Brooklyn NY 11222

Checks payable to Stephen Ulrich.

Lazy Boy's CD EP "Amnesia" can still be purchased for $12 (incl. shipping) on their website or at the address above.

*Eszter Balint "Tatoo Sun" Flicker
*Hippopotamus "Days Disposition" /"Conclusion" 3 Sounds
*The Penniless Wilds "Nothing Left to Do The Penniless Wilds
*Steven R. Smith "Her Walking Dress" From Ashes Come

*Shirley Collins & Davy Graham "Blue Monk" /"Horses On the Mountain" New Routes, Folk Roots
*Nick Drake "Milk and Honey" Tanworth in Arden
*Jack McKeever "Change My Mood" Ripening Greenish Sorta Citrus
Tor Lindval & Tony Wakeford "Autumn Nails" /"Home From the Harvest" Autumn Calls
*Moonflowers "The Winkstress" Colours and Sounds compilation 1999

*Jason Faulkner "Revelation" Can You Still Feel?
Marshall Crenshaw "You Said What??" #447
*NRBQ "Breakaway to My Dreams" NRBQ
*Monkeyworks "Gone Doe La" Monkeyworks
*Scott Walker "Wait Until Dark" Scott 4


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