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Playlist for September 27, 1999:

The Drennons and possibly 100 songs.




*Indicates a selection from my collection
*The Claudia Quintet "Constant Conversation" /"Dreams For Tomorrow" /"Jazz Envy" Constant Conversation
*Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook "Longing" Night Song
*Big Lazy "Ash Wednesday" Big Lazy
*Martin Posen "Burning Bush" Triple Heater

*Eliades Ochoa "Saludo Compay" (Greetings Friend)  Sublime Illusion
*Cesaria Evora "Belgia" Mar Azul
*Michael Leonhart "El Tapir" Glub Glub No.11
*Hippopotamus "Plainer" 3 Sounds
Morning Star "Gravity"  

Live Performance by The Drennons

(Scott, Heidi, Paul & Neil)


We also played a few cuts from The Drennons' CD, Ella Grasso:


For more on The Drennons (and info on where to get their CD), go to their Website:


*Steven R. Smith "Lattitudes" From Ashes Come
Jeff Grienke /Anisa Romero "Above the Head" Hana
Marchall Crenshaw "West of Bald Knob" #447
*Morphine "I'm Free Now" Cure for Pain
The Lost "I Wanna Know"  
Ale Moller   Hasten Och Tranen (The Horse and The Crane)

*Nick Drake "Blues Run the Game" /"Winter is Gone" Tanworth in Arden 1967/68


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