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Playlist for June 14, 1999:

A "Gutbucket" full of music.





*Denotes a selection from my collection
*Nico "It Was a Pleasure Then" Chelsea Girl
*Robin Williamson "Vershengro" Ring Dance
*Thierry Robin "Mehdi" Gitans
*Shakti w/John McLaughlin "Get Down and Sruti" Natural Elements

+Denotes selections programmed by my guests, Gutbucket
+Sun Ra "Enlightenment" /"Saturn" Jazz In Silhouette
+Sun Ra "Dreams Come True" Sound Sun Pleasure
+Gebhard Ullman "D. Nee No" Tá Lam
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band "Hair Pig Bake 1" Grow Fins (CD box)
+Ornette Coleman "Ramblin' "  

Live Performance by Gutbucket

Gutbucket; gut-bucket n., adj. (1890s - 1950s) . . .

. . . bucket used to carry beer; a dive for drinking; from about 1900 to
1950 or so, "gutbucket" meant a low-down, nitty-gritty blues style of jazz
originally played in gin mills, barrelhouses, whorehouses, and honky-tonks.
The word referred to the smaller bucket placed beneath the larger liquor
barrels to catch the gin leakage in such places.

This NYC band features former members of The Ex-Caminos: Paul Chuffo (drums), Ken Thomson (sax), Ty Citerman (guitar) and Eric Rockwin (bass). Paul, Ken and Ty have all been DJs on WKCR, Columbia University's well-respected Jazz station.

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The band took a break to program more music and returned for a second set.

James Keepnews and Holland Hopson "Deliberate Tibet" (self-release live cd)
+Ellery Eskelin "One Great Day" /"Vertical Hold" One Great Day...
+Spearhead "Positive" Home
+Bill Frisell Quartet "Tales From the Far Side"  

Second Live set from Gutbucket

+Charles Mingus "Boogie Stop Shuffle"  

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