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Playlist for March 1, 1999:

Eszter Balint brings on her brand of song.




*Denotes a selection from my collection.
 *Anour Brahim /John Surman /Dave Holland "Badhra" Thimar
*Stellamara "Taqsim" /"Del Mar Rojo" /"Immrama" /"Leda" Star Of The Sea
*Andy Statman "Come, My Beloved" The Hidden Light

 *Theo Eastwind "Face" Wip
*The Drennons "Trouble With This Town" /"Saturn Hang Your Shadow Up" Ella Grasso
*Tom Waits "Sixteen Shells from a 30-6" Swordfishtrombones
Curlew (untitled) Tribute to Tom Cora
*Giovanni Sollima "Aquilarco #3 (Ornithomanteia)" Aquilarco

 *Eszter Balint "Panic Donut" Flicker


 Live Music with Eszter Balint

(Accompanied by Chris Cochrane, guitar / Ted Reichman, accordion & banjo / Justin Asher, bass)

Some of you might recognize Eszter as an actress ("Stranger Than Paradise," "The Linguini Incident," "Trees Lounge") and never realized she has other great talents as a songwriter, singer and violinist. She's just released her first album, Flicker , on Scratchie Records. Ms. Balint played live with the ensemble, and showcased her favorite tracks from the new album.


  • live: "Cheeseman"
  • CD: Chris Cochrane - "Today" (from the forthcoming Tom Cora tribute album)
  • CD: "Tatoo Sun"
  • live: "Still"
  • CD: "Amsterdam Crown"
  • live: (Neil Young, From "On The Beach")
  • live: "Flicker"
  • CD: "Mother Bear"
  • live: "Almost Gone"
 *Eszter Balint "Sweet Nothing" Flicker
*Dan Hicks "Waitin' for the '103' " /"How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away" Early Muses
*Keola Beamer "Kalena Kai" Wooden Boat
*Stone Breath "Peppermint and Clover Honey" /"The Clouds of Red Twilight" A Silver Thread to Weave the Seasons
*Stackridge "Three-Legged Table" Stackridge

 *Beck "Nobody's Fault But My Own" Mutations
*The Fallen Angels "Tell You a Story" /"Silent Garden" /"Beneath Shady Tree" The Roulette Masters (part 2 of 2)
*Odetta "Lowlands" At the Gate of Horn
*Michael Hurley "English Nobleman" Bellemead Sessions
*Tan Sleeve "I Thought About You" (cassette)
*Scott Appel "Winterlight" Parhelion


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