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Playlist for February 15, 1999:

Sounds emanating from new wires.




*Denotes something from my music collection.
*Fairfield Parlour "Free" From Home to Home
*Tripsichord "Black Door" Tripsichord
*The Gripweeds "Intro" /"In Waking Dreams" The Sound is In You
The Pretty Things "Death" S.F. Sorrow (CD reissue)
*Wichita Fall "Poor Mr. Drake's Afternoon Show" Life Is But A Dream
*Brian MacLean "Farmer John" ifyoubelievein
*Christopher Parkening: Albéniz "Sevilla" Christopher Parkening Celebrates Segovia

 *The Romeros: Don Luis Milán  "Three Pavanas" The Royal Family of the Spanish Guitar
*Fred Neil "Everything Happens" The Many Sides of Fred Neil
*Hassan Hakmoun and Zahar "Challaban" Trance
*The Jaki Bayard Experience "Parisian Thoroughfare" The Jaki Bayard Experience

 *Colin Blunstone "Misty Roses" One Year
 The Zombies "Just Out of Reach" (live on BBC) Zombie Heaven (box set)
 The Zombies  "A Rose for Emily"  Zombie Heaven (box set)
 The Zombies  "This Will Be Our Year  Zombie Heaven (box set)
 *Colin Blunstone    Ennismore
 *Colin Blunstone  Caroline Goodbye  One Year

 *Dan Hicks "Shall I Ask an Elf?" Early Muses:Vintage Dan from the pre-dawn of the Hot Licks era 1967-68
*Accolade "Prelude to a Dawn" /"Never Ending Solitude" Accolade
*Ralph Litwin and the Band with a Thousand Names "Half Crazy" Ralph Litwin and the Band with a Thousand Names
Danielson "Cutest Little Dragon" Tri-Danielson (Omega)
Marshall Crenshaw "A Wondrous Place" Miracle of Science

 *Spanky and Our Gang  "Lazy Day" Spanky and Our Gang
 *New Colony Six "Sun Within You" Attacking a Straw Man
Jason Faulkner "See You Again" Can you Still Feel?
Anne Briggs "Fine Horseman" Time Has Come
Huun-Huur-Tu "Xöömeyimny Kagbasla Men (I Will Not Abandon My Xöömey)" Where Young Grass Grows
XTC "The Last Balloon" Apple Venus Vol.1

 *Richard Thompson "The Ghost is In You" You? Me? Us?
Kevin Ayers and The Whole Wide World "May I?" Shooting at the Moon
 *Älgarnas Trädgård  "Saturnus Ringar" Framtiden
*Linda Perhacs "Parallelograms"  Parallelograms


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