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Playlist for November 30, 1998:
The after-fowl feast of the overstuffed.


*Denotes something from my collection
Talkover: Robyn Hitchcock - "Chinese Water Python" [Eye]

Minus Infinity "Aftermath" Minus Infinity
Wacana Budya Gamelon "(Japanese Gamelon music)" Hamdulillah: Festival of World Sacred Music Vol.2
*Steve Gorn "Dreaming Shree" World Flutes
Antartica "Full Crescent Crusade"
Orange Cake Mix "Wind Painting" Microcosmic Wonderland
Angel Provacateur "The Seashell Voice" Angel Provacateur

*Dreams "The Maryanne" Dreams
Beck "Nobody's Fault But My Own" Mutations
Amp "Songe" Stenorette
Portishead "Over (live)" Roseland NYC Live
Anna Kurki-Suono "El Musta (Not a Dark One)" Musta

*Robin Williamson "The May Morning Dew" A Job of Journey Work
*Joni Mitchell "Hejira" Hejira
Art Ensemble of Chicago "Malachai" Coming Home Jamaica
*John Martyn "Go Down Easy" Solid Air
*Sally Eaton "This Time Next Autumn" Farewell American Tour
*The Millennium "The Island" The Millennium

*Robyn Hitchcock "Glass Hotel" (live) Storefront Hitchcock
*The Wyld Olde Souls "The Oracle" /"The Sun God" Poems from the Astral Plane
*The Durutti Column "Spent Time" Valuable Passages
Can "I'm Too Leise" Unlimited Edition

*Sandy Denny "At the End of the Day" Like an Old Fashioned Waltz
*Geoff Muldaur "Just a Little While to Stay Here" The Secret Handshake
*Leo Kottke "Maroon" Leo Kottke
Roy Montgomery "I Remember You" /"Gentle as The Wind" And Now the Rain Sounds Like Life is Falling Down Through It
*Jah Wobble "Mt. Zion" Umbra Sumus

Vic Chesnutt "Woodrow Wilson" The Salesman and Bernadette
*Miles Davis "Nefertiti" Nefertiti
*East River Pipe "Make a Deal with the City" Shining Hours in a Can

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