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Playlist for September 28, 1998:
All over the place, but beautiful.


*Denotes something from my collection

Peter Garland"Walk In Beauty: (title cut) /'Turquoise Trail /A Peyote Fan"Walk In Beauty
Slapp Happy"A Different Lie"Ça Va
*Larry Palmer: Federico Busoni"Sonatina (ad usum infantis) pro clavicembalo composita" The Harpsichord Now and Then

Pharoah Sanders"Morning Prayer"Thembi
Frank Zappa"Agency Man" (live at London Festival hall, 10/28/98)Mystery Disc
Only a Mother"Katy"Damned Pretty Snout
*Lee Konitz (w/Ray Nance)"Duplexity"The Lee Konitz Duets

*Ralph Towner/Gary Peacock"Creeper"A Closer View
Djeli Moussa Diawara"Almany"Flamen Kora
Gasstr Del Sol"Mirror Repair"Mirror Repair
*Dan Lambert"The Gulf Stream" Fancy Guitar
Loren Mazzacane-Connors"Once You Touched Me"Evangeline
*Linda Cohen"Horizon Jane"Lake of Light

Roy Harper"I Want to Be In Love"thedreamsociety
*The Beach Boys"Forever"Sunflower
Pedro the Lion"The Bells"It's Hard to Find a Friend
Elliott Smith"Pitseleh"XO
*Debby Schwartz"Revelations"Wrongs of Passage

The Silos"Eleanora"Heater
*The Schramms"Sooner or Later"Little Apocalypse
*Wild Carnation"Cricket" (7")
The Gripweeds "Morning Rain" The Sound in You
Jade"Rest of My Life"Pepperisms (a "Fake Beatles" compilation)
*The Kinks"Money & Corruption/I AmYour Man"Preservation Act 1

*The BeeGees"Tell Me Why "2 Years On
Dusty Springfield"I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself" The Dusty Springfield Anthology
Plastic Fantastic Machine"First Class '77" Plastic Fantastic Machine
*Joe Zawinul & The Zawinul Syndicate"Lost Tribes " (live)
Frant Zappa"I Was a Teenage Malt Shop" /"The Birth of Captain Beefheart" /"Metal Man Has Won His Wings"Mystery Disc
The Kennedys"Angels Cry"Angel Fire
True Love Always"The Winter Months"True Love Always

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