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Playlist for August 31,1998: The New Possibility in Jersey City.

*Did you happen to tape this show????

This was my first show from the new Jersey City studios. The Main Studio had not been finished, and in my haste to set up a temporary studio, I forgot to set up an aircheck cassette. So two weeks in a row, I have no tape of my show. If you have a copy, please email me:
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*Denotes something from my collection
50 Foot Hose "Fantasy" Sing Like Scaffold
Bruno Walter & the New York Philharmonic: Mahler "Symphony No.1 in D Major, 3rd mvt." Mahler: Sym.No.1
Low "Condescend" One More Reason to Forget (live)
Hironymous Halfpenny "Chinchillas" Expanding Submarine Kazoo

*Iva Bittová "Driv Nez (Before)" Iva Bittová
*Badi Assad "Waves" Chameleon
*Roy Harper "One Man Rock'n'Roll Band" Stormcock
*Robert Wyatt "United States of Amnesia" Old Rottenhat

*Gary Lucas "Hitchcocked" Skeleton at the Feast
*Scott Appel "Winterlight" Parhelion
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino "Coji La Rosa" Ballati tutti quanti ballati forte
*Troka "Balkan" Troka
*Gentle Giant "So Sincere" /"Knots" King Biscuit Flour Hour Presents...

The Verlaines "Perfect Day" Over the Moon
Marchall Crenshaw "Bruce is King" The 9 Volt Years
*NRBQ "Girl Scout Cookies" You Gotta Be Loose
Sloan "Stand By Me, Yeah" Navy Blues
Stereo Total "Touche-Moi" Juke-Box Alarm

Pram "Sleepy Sweet" North Pole Radio Station
Hironymous Halfpenny "Noble Captive" Expanding Submarine Kazoo
Rainer "Powder Keg" Worried Spirits
Mose Allison "Stop This World" The Sage of Tipo (4 LPs on 2 CDs)

*Miles Davis "All Blues" Kind of Blue
Chocolate Genius "My Mom" Black Music
El Topo soundtrack "Las Flores Nacen en el Barrio (Flowers Born in the Mud)" /"El Infierno de Los Angeles (The Hell of the Prostituted Angels)" El Topo soundtrack
Tombstone Valentine "Triple-O Shuffle" Hidden World


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