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Playlist for Playlist for July 27, 1998: The pre-wired excitement of anticipating new studios.


*Denotes something from my collection

Rasputina"The New Zero"How We Quit the Forest
Rainer (Ptacek)"Suck Time"Nocturnes (The Instrumentals)
*Scott Appel"Winterlight"Parhelion
Robert Pollard"People are Leaving"Waved Out

*Robert Wyatt"Gharbzadegi"Old Rottenhat (new reissue)
*Spirit"Dream Within a Dream" Time Circle
*The Unspoken Word"Sunday Suit of Clothes" Tuesday, April 19th
*New York Rock & Roll Ensemble"Dedication" /"The Three Answers"Reflections
The Creation"Nightmare" Our Music is Red with Purple Flashes

*Biff Rose"What's Gnawing at Me"The Thorn in Mrs. Rose's Side
*Michael Shelley"Jigsaw Man"Too Many Movies
*Teddy Thompson"Thanks a Lot"demos
*The Hollies/Peter Sellers"After The Fox"After The Fox soundtrack

*The Move"No Time"Split Ends
*Tir Na Nog"When Day Came Down" A Tear and A Smile
*The Wylde Old Souls"The Oracle" /"The Sun God" Poems from the Astral Plane
Paul Giovanni"Beetle"/ "Ruined Church Sequence" /"Corn Rigs 4** and Fireleap"The Wicker Man soundtrack
Stone Breath"Pearched Upon the Temple Bell, The Butterfly Sleeps"
Garmarna"En Gång Ska Han Gråta (One Day He'll Cry)" Nordic Roots: A Northside Collection

*Lida Husik"Glorious"Joyride
Christopher Bell"Country Morn" Lonely Planet Boy
Sloan"Sinking Ships" Navy Blues
*The Grays"All You Wanted"Ro Sham Bo
*The Kinks"Big Sky"Village Green Preservation Society
*Dots Will Echo"Over and Over" live on WFMU 3/17/97

Kate Jacobs"A Good Night for Sleeping" Hyacinth
Lucinda Williams"Lake Charles"Car Wheels On a Gravel Road
Ohata San"Little Grass Shack"Legends of the Ukulele
*Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks"Cowboy's Dream No 19" Last Train to Hicksville
*Billie Holiday"My Man" V Disc
Of Montreal"My Darling, I've Forgotten" /"You Feel You Must Go, Don't Go!"The Bedside Drama: A Petite Tragedy

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