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Playlist for May 11, 1998:
A double-header with Troka and The Patrick Grant Group


*Denotes something from my collection

*Hesperus"Crucifigat omnes"Neo-Medieval: Medieval Improvisations for a Postmodern Age
*Peter Knight"Low Tide"An Ancient Cause
Thomas Beekmann/Johannes Cernota"Crossing the Dance Floor"Oh! That Cello!: Music of Charlie Chaplin
*Annbjørg Lien"The Hildale Man"Felefeber

>Live performance by Troka<

Troka is from Kaustinen, Finland, a village of only a few thousand people, many of whom are fiddle players. They just finished a mini-tour which included an appearance on "A Prairie Home Companion". The members of Troka are Matti Makela (fiddle), Ville Ojanen (violin, viola, mandolin), Minna Louma (accordion), Timo Alakotila (harmoinum), and Timo Myllykangas (double bass). Bandmates Makela and Alakotila also play in another wonderful Finnish group, J.P.P.

"Lellupuo-Iikoon Frioomarssi (Iikko's Courtship March)"
"Nummer Nights' Twist" (new)
"Aamu Seksmanninkankaala (Morning in Seksman's Meadow) "
(a Swedish tune/unknown title)
(unknown title)
(unknown title)
"Sekvenssipolka (Sequence Polka)"

For information on Troka's self-titled CD and other Scandinavian releses, visit:
Digelius Music or their label's website, Northside.

If you want to send the band a note, send it by way of their manager, Phillip Page.

*Joel Forrester & People Like Us"Look to You"People Like Us in Heaven

>Live performance by The Patrick Grant Group<

Composer/keyboardist Patrick Grant is a regular performer with Gamelon Son of Lion, and has written for chamber ensembles and choreographers. Grant performed a new keyboard-based piece, "Under The Influence" which is written in non-tempered, pure C major tuning (otherwise known as "just intonation", sounding microtonal in nature). The group also included Paul DaSilva (keyboards) and David Simons (percussion).

Grant recently relesed an album of chamber works, entitled "Silent Treatment" which is available for $15. by writing 1173A 2nd Avenue, Suite 322, New York, NY, 10021. For more information, send Patrick Grant an email.

*Thumb of the Maid"Forever is Already There"Thumb of the Maid
*Beekeeper"Winding DownAnywhere Will Do
*The Cucumbers"Into"Total Vegetility
*Timothy Hill"Center of the Storm"This Bright World

*NRBQ"Big Goodbyes"Kick Me Hard-- The Deluxe Edition
*Mark Gloster & Big Rubber Shark"Severe Tire Damage"Monday's Lunch
*Mark Humble"One More Kiss, Goodbye"Guilty Pleasure Cabaret
*Cheeky Monkey (W/Michael Shelley)"That Kind of Girl"Four Arms to Hold You
*The Gwens"Dancin' Till Daybreak"demo cassette

Holiday Flyer"Hello Blue"Blue Harvest
The Bevis Frond"Her Father's Daughter"North Circular
Jeff Buckley"Vancouver"Sketches for My Sweetheart, The Drunk

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