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Playlist for March 30, 1998: The calm after a two-week storm.


*Denotes something from my collection

Tren Brothers"Kit's Choice"7" on Secretly Canadian Records
*Blacklight Braille"The Moon to Poolsville"One True Rock
*Hesperus"Comment qu'a moi"/ "En attendant esperance"/ "Pucelette"Neo-Medieval: Medieval Improvisations for a Post-Modern Age
J.P.P."Valse Mysterioso"

*Mecca Bodega"One-Winged Angel"Hammered Dulcimer
Dana & Karen Kletter (ex-Blackgirls)"Your Mother Wants to Know"Dear Enemy
*Milton Nacimento"Guardanapos de Papel (Paper Napkins)"Nacimento
*Timothy Hill"Nature Boy"(Eden Abenz)This Bright World

*Gateway Trio(John Abercrombie/Dave Holland/Jack DeJohnette "Blue"Gateway 2
Kukuruza"Black Raven"Endless Story
*Pierre Bensusan"Solilai"Solilai
John Coltrane"Living Space"Living Space

The following set honored Jazz Drummer Denis Charles, who died suddenly last Thursday night. Denis was the drummer in each of these ensembles, and played in Calypso and Caribbean bands (where he was born) before turning to jazz in the 1950's. Most recently he was the drummer in People Like Us, led by pianist Joel Forrester.

*Cecil Taylor Quartet "African Violets"Looking Ahead
*People Like Us"Bright Time"No...Really!
*Gil Evans Orchestra"Django"Pacific Standard Time
*People Like Us"Blues for Duke Jordan"No...Really!

Robert Wyatt"September the 9th"Schleep
*Eyeball (Jasper van't Hof, Bob Malach, Aldo Romano, Didier Lockwood, Bo Stief)"Gattito"Eyeball
*Gary Lucas"Hinay Ma Tov"Busy Being Born
*Mark Eitzel"Cold Light of Day"Caught In a Trap, and I Can't Back Out, 'Cause I Love You Too Much, Baby

*Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band"Son of Mirror Man - Mere Man"Strictly Personal
*Kali Fasteau"Joyful Blues"Camraderie
*Chris Butler"Capitalism"I Feel a Bit Normal Today

Red Noise"Twenty Mirror Mozarts Composing On a Tea Bag and a 1/2 Cup Bra"Sarcelles-Locheres
The Cannanes"Empty Channel"Arty Barbeque
Hedningaria"Drafur & Gildur"Hippjokk
*Raun McKinnon"Chicken Little"Raun Is Her Name!

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