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March 9, 1998:
Another rainy afternoon in radioland...


*Denotes something from my collection

*Deuter"Soma"/ "Surat Shabda"/ "Abraxas"Aum
Deux Filles"Drinking at a Stream"Silence & Wisdom
Gastr Del Sol"Blues Subtitled No Sense of Wonder"Camofleur

Lee Ranaldo"Here"Amarillo Ramp
*Pierre Bensusan"Le Lendemain de La Fete"Early Pierre Bensusan
Windy and Carl"Surfacing"Depths
Milos Raickovic"Flying Trio: Sadness"Milos Raickovic (fr. New Music Distribution Service)

*William Ackerman"Passage"Passage
The Curious Digit"Who Most Resemble the Desperate"Hessian Hills
*The Tony Williams Lifetime"Something Spiritual"Emergency!

Richard Davies"Days to Remember"Telegraph
The Continental Drifters"Meet On the Ledge"(Fairport Convention cover)7" on Black Dog
The Roches"Christlike"Can We Go Home Now?
*Other Music"A Piece of a Thing"Ocean Park
*Dots Will Echo"Big Jets"Dots Will Echo

*Joe Zawinul"The Soul of a Village" (pts. 1 & 2)The Rise and Fall of the Third Stream
*Mecca Bodega"Stump"Hammered Dulcimer
*The Cucumbers"Into"Total Vegitility
*NRBQ"Capriccio"/ "The Dough Got Low"Tapdancin' Bats (CD reissue)
Neutral Milk Hotel"The King of Carrot Flowers " (pts 1, 2 &3)In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Miriodor"La Maison-Dieu (A Tower Struck Down)"rencontres
*East River Pipe"40 Miles"Shining Hours in a Can
*The Smoke"Waterfall"The Smoke

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