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December 29, 1997:
The Beau Hunks' Gert-Jan Blom airs a bag of new tapes.

Gert-Jan Blom, founder and bassist of The Beau Hunks, joined me for a show featuring new works by the whole orchestra and a smaller group formed for a specific projects (notably music for the Paul Whiteman Soctet). Blom also compared recordings of Raymond Scott's Soothing Sounds for Baby" and of the Electronium (his instantaneous composing machine) with current musicians 'under the same influence'.

The Incredible Beau Hunks Saxtet
Music by Nathan Van Cleeve (arranger for Paul Whiteman/composer of Twilight Zone music:
"Blue Skies"
"What'll I Do?"
"My Melancholy Baby"
"I Kiss Your Hand, Madame"

The Paul Whiteman Soctet featuring the Rhythm Boys (w/Bing Crosby):
"I Kiss your Hand, Madame"

The Beau Hunks:

Music of Ferde Grofé, as written for The Paul Whiteman Orchestra:

"Broadway at Night" (IBHS)
"Three Shades of Blue: Indigo /Allis Blue/ Heliotrope (1927)
"Metropolis" (1928)

(++Note: The Beau Hunks plan to release this music on CD in the near future)

From the acoustic to the electronic...

Raymond Scott's Electronium: a wild piece
Robert Fripp: "Radiophonic #2" [Radiophonics: 1995 Soundscapes Vol.1]
Raymond Scott's Electronium: "Backwards Overload"/ "The Toy Trumpet"
Robert Fripp: "Radiophonic #1" [Radiophonics: 1995 Soundscapes Vol.1]

Oskar Sala (playing the Trautonium, an electronic instrument dating back to early this century): Fantasie Suite in drei Sätzen Für Mixturtrautonium Solo: "Demonstration" [My Fascinating Instrument]
Raymond Scott: Little Miss Echo [Soothing Sounds for Baby, Vol.III]

Brian Eno: "Out/Out" [The Drop]
Raymond Scott: "The Happy Whistler" [Soothing Sounds for Baby, Vol.2]
Pierre Henry: "Entitie" [Des Années 50]
Marc Ribot: "Noise #2"/ "Solitude" (Duke Ellington) [Don't Blame Me] (co-prod.: GJ Blom)

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