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December 15, 1997:
A special style of Solstice

*Denotes something from my collection

Pell Mell"Upstairs"Star City
*Patrick Grant"A Visible Track Of Turbulence"
*Cecilia Smith"The Peacocks"Leave No Stone Unturned

*Xumantra"Prayer for the Trees"Sacred Singing Bowls
*The Ben Monder Trio"Silent Neighbors"Dust
*Brian Dewan"Free Lunch"demo tape
Harry Partch"Windsong"The Harry Partch Collection, Vol.3 (CRI)
*Susan McKeown & Lindsay Horner"Bold Orion" Through Bitter Frost and Snow

*Rahsaan Roland Kirk"Seasons: A) One Mind Winter/Summer, B) Ninth Ghost"Does Your House Have Lions: The Rahsaan Roland Kirk Collection
*SoVoSó"Dirt" (Part III of the dance trilogy , "Western Women" by Brenda Way): "That Day"/ "Wa Wa Wa"/ "Home"/ "Fop"/ "You"World Jazz A Cappella
*Paul Horn/R. Carlos Nakai"Medicine Keeper"Inside Canyon de Chelly

Live performance, in honor of the Winter Solstice by


(Sacred singing metals and percussion)

Marco Dolce, Mitch Nur, Kevin Keating played a wide array of old singing bowls, gongs of all kinds, drums of all kinds, conch and shaker, birdcalls and gantas. Xumantra plays original new music, a meditative world beat fusion, a unique sonic vision combining authentic instruments from the world's sacred sound traditions
for more information on Xumantra, go to their website

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