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December 1, 1997: Heavens! December already!

*Denotes something from my collection

*Tim Buckley"Love From Room 109/Strange Feelin'"Dream Letter: Live in London 1968
Owen Knight (Blacklight Braille)"Zazoumank Among the Shadows-The Last Castle of Zazoumank"Songs from the Moonlight Snow
Loren Mazzacane Connors/Alan Licht"Pittsburg"Mercury
*The Unspoken Word"Flock of Birds"Tuesday, April 19th.

*The Cryan Shames"The Town I'd Like to Go Back To"A Scratch in the Sky
The Sheppherds"When Johnny Comes Marching Home"Strange Things: American Folk Rock
*Chrysalis"Fitzpatrick Swanson"Definition
3's a Crowd"I Don't Wanna Drive you Away"Christopher's Movie Matinee
*Montage"Wake Up, Jimmy (Something's Happening Outside)" Montage

The Beach Boys"I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (mono release)/"Caroline No": highlights from tracking date, stereo backing track, stack-o-vocals, original speed stereo mixPet Sounds box set
*The High Llamas"Giddy and Gay"Gideon Gaye

*Matt Balitsaris/Jeff Berman"Canoe Ticket"An Echoed Smile
*Xumantra"The Virgin Dances"Sacred Singing Metals
Harry Partch"Castor and Pollux"The Harry Partch Collection (4 cd set on CRI)
Tranquil"Smoking Beagal"To Reach the Heavens, The Stars Must Divide

Bardo Pond"RM"amanita
*Masaki Batoh"Tuchigumo"Collected Works 1995-1996
*Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band"Peon"/ "Bellerin' Plain"Lick My Decals Off, Baby
Johnny Dowd"Average Guy"Wrong Side of Memphis
Chris Butler"Le French Movie" I Feel a Bit Normal Today

*Iva Bittova"Rukama"Dunaj
Richard Thompson"Genesis Hall"Small Town Romance
The Chrysanthemums"No Bicycles On My Farm"The Baby's Head
*Earwig"Every Day Shines"Under My Skin, I Am Laughing

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