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Playlist for September 15, 1997:
Imperceptably shaky moments behind the scenes.


*Denotes something from my collection

*Durutti Column"Without Mercy"Valuable Passages
*Mallard"Peon"Mallard/In a Different Place (double CD)
*Masaki Batoh"Benthos"Collected Works 1995-1996
*Leo Kottke"Across the Street"Standing in My Shoes

*Egberto Gismonte w/ Nana Vasconcelos"Fogueira"Duas Vozes
*Badi Assad"Furiosa"Echoes of Brazil
*Tim Buckley"Driftin' "Lorca

*The Bevis Frond"Lepers and Roses"For the Dead in Space: Interpretations of the Music of Tom Rapp/Pearls Before Swine
Unrest"Soon It Is Going to Rain"
StereolabContronturaDots and Loops
Jed Distlera Beatles "deconstruction" from "Yeah Yeah Yeah"demo tape

*The Beatles"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"Sgt. Peppers Loney Hearts Club Band
*Timebox/Patto-Halsall"Gone is the Sad Man"The Original Moose on the Loose
Fay Lovsky"Window Across the Street"????
*Phillip Johnston"God's Little Joke"Normalology

Mishio Ogawatrack # 3 (title in Japanese)4 to 3
*The Insect Trust"Walking on Nails"The Insect Trust
Yum Yum"Words Will FailDan Loves Patti
Eric Matthews"Festival Fun"/ "No Gnashing Teeth"The Lateness of the Hour
*Ulali"Maybe"Mahk Jchi

*Joel Forrester"1000 Pardons"Stop the Music
Phil Ochs"Rehearsals for Retirement"Farewells and Fantasias box
Nana Vasconcelos"Marimbariboba"Fragments
*Slide"Sugar Fuzz"Whipdang!

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