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Playlist for September 8, 1997:
Greying out behind the sunshine.


*Denotes something from my collection

*John Fahey"Sharks"Womblife
*Mourning Cloak"Mistbreather"In Dreams You See
*Scott Appel"Meshes of the Afternoon"Glassfinger
*Masaki Batoh"Images of April"For the Dead in Space: Interpretations of the Music of Tom Rapp/Pearls Before Swine
*Matt Balisaris"Brother Jane"Gypsy Heart

*Gary Lucas"The Wall"Evangeline
*Bert Jansch"Nicola"Nicola
*Sing-Ju Lee(violin)/Stephen Lazarus (Piano): Manuel DeFalla"Suite Populaire Espagnole"Popular Suites and Kreisler
Phil Ochs"Bracero"Farewells and Fantasies

*Dave Cousins & Brian Willoughby"The Battle"Old School Songs
*Timothy Hill"The Great Renewal"This Bright World
Muzsikás and Márta Sebestyén"Ha én rózsa volnék"Morning Star
Amps for Christ and Two Ambiguous Figures"Electron Wind 1 & 2"The Beggars Garden
Julie Doiron (fr. Eric's Trip)"Love to Annoy"Lonliest in the Morning

Linda Smith"Confidence"Preference: Selected Songs 1987 - 1991
Dan Green"Moonflower"The Dan Green Collection (two 7")
*The Smoke (US 1968)"Philosophy"/ "Umbrella"/ "Ritual Gypsy Music Opus 1"/ "October Country"The Smoke
*The Who"Sunrise"The Who Sell Out
*The Paupers"Ask Her Again"Ellis Island

Oasis"Magic Pie" (truncated)Be Here Now
*Tono Bungay"Morning Song"/ "Footnote"For the Dead in Space: Interpretations of the Music of Tom Rapp/Pearls Before Swine
Pavement"Killing Moon" (Echo & the Bunnymen)What's Up Matador compilation
Cosmic Invention"Sky Was Falling"The Non Sound
Eric Matthews"Yes, Everyone"The Lateness of the Hour
Butterflies"Quiet World"Butterflies

*Jethro Tull"With You There to Help Me"Benefit
*Fruupp"Garden Lady"Future Legends/Seven Secrets
The Sonora Pine"Cloister"II
*Joe Zawinul"Bimoya"My People

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