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Playlist for August 25, 1997:
Pearls Before Swine's Tom Rapp comes out of hiding.


*Denotes something from my collection

Bill Laswell"Káshí"City of Light
*Theo Bleckmann & Ben Monder"No Boat"No Boat
*Marc Johnson(w/Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Peter Erskine"Bass Desires"Bass Desires
*Oregon"Distant Hills"Distant Hills

The Listing Attic"Sourdust"Fly Like an Ego
*Ulali"Mahk Jchi"Mahk Jchi
*Buffy Sainte-Marie"Little Wheel Spin and Spin"Little Wheel Spin and Spin
Phil Ochs"Jim Dean of Indiana"Farewells and Fantasies
*Jeanne Lee & Ran Blake"Left Alone"The Legendary Duets
Club Foot Orchestra"Nights of Cabiria Suite (excerpt)"Plays Nino Rota

Butterflies"Son of an Astronaut"Butterflies
The Orange Peels"Everybody's Gone"Square
Eric Matthews"Dopeyness"The Lateness of the Hour
*Nilsson"Little Cowboy"/"Mr. Tinker"Aerial Ballet
*Trees"Epitath"The Garden of Jane Delawney

*Dave Cousins & Brian Willoughby"I've Been My Own Worst Friend"Old School Songs
*Lindisfarne"Poor Old Ireland"Peel Sessions
*Bert Jansch"A Woman Like You"Nicola + Birthday Blues
*Linda Perhacs"Morning Colors"Parallelograms
*Jim & Jean"Tonight I Need Your Lovin'"Changes

*Pearls Before Swine"Another Time"Pearls Before Swine
*Pearls Before Swine"Trumpeter Lanfrey"/ "Translucent Carriages"Balaklava
Pearls Before Swine"Look Into Her Eyes"These Things Too

>>>>>Interview with Tom Rapp, founder of the folk/psyche group
Pearls Before Swine

Mr. Rapp has spent the last 20 years or so creating a second career as a Civil Service lawyer, working on the side of the plaintiff. His son, David (who has his own band, Shy Camp) coaxed Tom out of musical retirement last April for the Terrastock Festival. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform on a bill with Damon and Naomi at the Knitting Factory July 1. Following the show, I became curious about Tom Rapp and found Carl Edwards very comprehensive Pearls Before Swine enthusiast's page. From that page I was able to contact Mr. Rapp and have a chat with him on WFMU. Check out these page links--you'll find a lot of great information about Tom Rapp, and about the releases of the tribute album ("For the Dead in Space") and a Pearls Before Swine compilation of the Reprise releases.

*Tom Rapp"For the Dead in Space"Stardancer
Galaxy 500"Summertime"Copenhagen
Masaki Batoh"Sham No Umi"The Collected Works 1995 - 1996
Julie Darion"Tonight We Sleep"Loneliest in the Morning
Rasputina"Rusty the Skatemaker"

Yum Yum"Train ofThought"
Of Montreal"In Dreams I Dance with You"Cherry Peel

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