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Playlist for August 18, 1997:
From rainforest calm to urban bounce.


*Denotes something from my collection

*Egberto Gismonte/Nana Vasconcelos"Dançando"Duas Vozes
*Carlos Barbosa-Lima with Thiago De Mello"Varando Furos (Cutting Waters)"/ "Canto Dos Esquesidos/Yara Levou O Meu Amor (Chant of the Forgotten Ones/Yara Took My Love)"Chants for the Chief
*Gastr del Sol"Every Five Miles"Crookt, Crackt or Fly
*Robbie Basho"Chung Mei - The Chinese Orchid"Guitar Soli

*Pearls Before Swine"Images of April"Balaklava
*Bob Smith"India Slumber"The Visit
*Neblung/Price"Idiot Mittens"The Savage Songs of...
*Liquorice"Breaking the Ice"The Listening Cap
Pearls Before Swine"These Things Too"These Things Too

The High Llamas"Snapshot Pioneer"/ "Ill-fitting Suits"Hawaii
*The Brotherhood of Lizards"Rusty Iron Sun"Lizardland
Love Camp 7"Saw Her at the Mayfair"Live in Las Vegas
*East River Pipe"Kill the Action"Mel

*Radiohead"Karma Police"O.K. Computer
*The Greys"Everybody's World"Ro-Sham-Bo
*Nirvana (UK)"As Long as I Can See You"Orange and Blue
*The Origin"Never Again"Bend
*Blur"Stranger from Another Star"Blur

Ghost"Into the Alley"Lamarabirabi
*Katell Keineg"Enzo '96"/ "Olé"Jet
*Richard Thompson"Woods of Darney"You? Me? Us?
Amps for Christ and Two Ambiguous Figures"Tungsten Aire"/ "McFarland's Lute" / "Still Dreaming"The Beggars Garden
*Pastor Frank"Crow on the Steeple"Pent Frustration

*Roy Harper"Ageing Raver"Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith
Saggitarius"My World Fell Down (45 version)"Present Tense
*Fruup"Wise as Wisdom"FutureLegends/Seven Secrets
*Cryptic Soup"Dog"Salty Pretzel Dog Logic

*XTC"One of the Millions"Oranges & Lemons

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