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Playlist for July 21, 1997:
Wall bouncing as a summertime sport...


*Denotes something from my collection

The Drovers"Worried Spirits"The Inner Flame: Tribute to Ranier Tasic
Steven Vitiello/Ursula Wiskowski (Gamma Rays cellist)"Slide with Clips"self-release CD EP
Roger Manning"The Subway Blues #2"Roger Manning
*Chrysalis"Dr. Root's Garden"Definition
*Trees"Road"The Garden of Jane Delawney

*Ida"Tellings"I Know About You
*The Unspoken Word"Flock of Birds"Tuesday, April 19th
*Third Ear Band"Inverness: Macbeth's Return/The Preparation/Fanfare/Duncan's Arrival"Music from Macbeth
Paul Bley/Jimmy Giuffre/Steve Swallow"Sensing"The Life of a Trio: Sunday
Tindersticks"Don't Look Down" Curtains

*The Slits"Spend, Spend, Spend"Cut
Outrageous Cherry"Panavision 70"Nothing's Gonna Cheer You Up
*Siouxsie & the Banshees"Christine"Once Upon a Time: The Singles
*Tex and the Horseheads"Oh Mother"Tex and the Horseheads
*Radiohead"Paranoid Android"O.K. Computer

*The Mommyheads"Corky"The Mommyheads
Hugh Hopper and Kramer"Huge"Huge
Spooky Ruben"Mars"/"Leaving the City"Modes of Transportation

*Frank Zappa"Peaches en Regalia"Hot Rats
*NRBQ"Next Stop Brattleboro"You're Nice People, You Are
*Bonzo Dog Band"Kama Sutra"/ "Humanoid Boogie"The Donut in Granny's Greenhouse
Moviola"Home Demonstration Agent"Glen Echo Autoharp
*Traffic"Freedom Rider"John Barleycorn Must Die
Ahmad Jamal Trio"The Awakening"The Awakening

Rahsaan Roland Kirk"Fingers in the Wind"The Inflated Tear
*Theo Bleckmann and Ben Monder"Gemini"No Boat
Mighty Joe Henry (w/Gary Lucas)"The Crystal Palace"Hot Air Head
Orange Cake Mix"Snow White Opinions"Grapefruit

Violent Green"Hey Sweetheart"From Cycles of Heat
The Wellwater Conspiracy"Lucy Leave"Declaration of Conspiracy
Lida Husik"Cafe Con Leche"Fly Stereophonic

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