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Playlist for June 30, 1997:
Confused ramblings of a heat-soaked brain


*Denotes something from my collection / Talkover: Soma - "Stygian Vistas

John Cale"Infinite Guitar"/Frozen Warnings"
*Joe Zawinul"Erdäpfee Blues (Potato Blues)"My People
*WOO"Whichever Way You Are Going, You are Going Wrong"Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong
Vinicius Cantuária"Rio Negro"Sol Na Cara
Soma"Stygian Vista (radio controlled)"Stygian Vistas

Optiganally Yours"Nighters"Optiganally Yours
*The Hi Lo's"Summer Sketch"and all that jazz
Pals"You Fantastic!"You Fantastic!
*Neblung/Price"Docile Lads"/ "Walkabout"The Savage Songs of Neblung/Price

*Pearls Before Swine"Drop Out"One Nation Underground
*Robyn Hitchcock"Shuffling Over the Flagstones"Mossy Liquor
*Hamza el Din"The Visitors"Eclipse
*Shawn Phillips"Remedial Interruption"/"Whaz' Zat"/ "Schmaltz Waltz"Second Contribution

Rickie Lee Jones"Sunny Afternoon"Ghostyhead
Liquorice Roots"Blue Julep Morning"Melodeon
*Family"Winter"In a Doll's House
*Those Guys (Victor Lovera)"In a Molecule"demo

Julie Miller"Dancing Girl"Blue Pony
The Clears"Rock'n'Roll Band"Little Darla Has a Treat for You Vol.7
Old Hickory"Slo-Boy Meets Snake Charmer"Brain Travels Before Heart Stops
*Rova"Quartet"Beat Kennel
Hammiet Bluiett"Ballad for George Hudson"Birthright - a solo blues concert
Richard Thompson/Danny Thompson"Children of the Dark"Industry

Lida Husik"Cape Fear"Fly Stereophonic
Barbara Manning"Rickity Tikity Tin"1212
*Philadelphia Orchestra/Eugene Ormandy: Rimsky Korsakov"Scheherazade"Scheherazade
Leni Stern"Upstairs By a Chinese Lamp"Time and Love: The Music of Laura Nyro

Ron Sexsmith"Pretty Little Cemetary"Other Songs
*Dreams"The Maryanne"Dreams
*Theo Bleckmann and Ben Monder"Late Green"No Boat

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