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Playlist for April 21, 1997:
with a performance by pop songsmith Richard Davies

*Denotes something from my collection
Peter Jeffries/Jono Lonie"At Swim, 2 Birds"At Swim, 2 Birds
*Joseph Szigeti/Bela Bartok: Debussy"Sonata for Violin and Piano"A Sonata Recital by Joseph Szigeti and Bela Bartok
Iva Bittova"hrai kdosi na hoboj (someone played the oboe)"River of Milk
Biota"Swallow"/ "Move"/ "Steam Trader"Object Holder
True Love Always"Shame on You"When Will You Be Mine?

*Jack McKeever"Falling for Me"Ten Saints of Optimism
*Donovan"Everlasting Sea"Sutras
Annbjørg Lein"Fønix (Phoenix)"Prisme
Richard X. Heyman"From This Day Forever"Cornerstone
The Apartments"On Every Corner"Drift

Pete Ham"Would You Deny?"7 Park Avenue
*Emmit Rhodes"Side We Seldom Show"Mirror
The Volebeats"Everything"Sky and Ocean
*Richard Davies"Jubilee"There's Never Been a Crowd Like This

>Live performance by Richard Davies and friends<

>>>Included were several new tunes ("Papillion," "Main Street Electrical Parade," ) to be included in a forthcoming album on Flydaddy Records, as well as "Why Not Bomb the Movies?" from his solo album, There's Never Been a Crowd Like This, and "If you Believe in Christmas Trees" (a Cardinal song)

Click here for more info on Richard Davies

*Big Star"The India Song"No.1 Record
*Nirvana (UK)"You're Just the One"The Story of Simon Simopath
Fallen Angels"Your Friends Here in Dunderville"Fallen Angels
*NRBQ"Little Floater"Tokyo (live)
*People Like Us"Your Political Movie"No...Really!

*The Ex Caminos"Buddha Bob"Unamerican Activities
Harry Partch"Oh Frabjous Day!"Enclosure Two
Fifty Foot Hose"Roll Out the Larvae"Fifty Foot Hose Live and

*Leo Kottke"Wonderland at Night"Peculiaroso
John Fahey"On the Sunny Side of the Ocean"
Peter Holsapple"I Am a Tree"Out of my way

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