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Playlist for March 24, 1997 (no show previous week)

*Denotes something from my collection
*The New York Electric String Ensemble - "Tarantas" [Tapestry]
*Miles Davis - "I Fall In Love Too Easily" [Live at the Plugged Nickel]
Pierre Bastien & Mechanium - "Marchin' Band" [Musiques Machinales]
*Matt Balitsaris/Jeff Berman - "Warm in the Shadows" [An Echoed Smile]

Able Tasmans "Giant" Store in a Cool Place
Ritmia "Mauresque Wedding" Perhaps the Sea
*Joseph Szigeti (vln)/Bela Bartok (pno) Bartok: "Rhapsody No.1 for Violin and Piano" A Sonata Recital by...

Ron Miles (w/Bill Frisell, others) "Woman's Day" Woman's Day
*Appaloosa "Thoughts of Polly" Appaloosa
*The Mommyheads "Needmore, Pennsylvania Bingham's Hole
*The Ophelias "The Big (Myopian) Buck Boy Spins" The Ophelias
Martin Newell "Baby You're a Rich Man" Without the Beatles

Colin(Moulding)'s Hermits "I Am the Walrus" Without the Beatles
Yukio Yung "Fizzing Out" (Mostly) Water ep
A to Austr "Prelude to Change for Arthur" /"Thumbquake and Earthscrew" A to Austr
Jason Faulkner "A Song from Under the Floorboards" (Magazine) Follow Me ep
Blur "Country Sad Ballad Man" Blur

*The Idle Race "The Lady Who Said She Could Fly" Birthday Party
*The Cryan Shames "I Was Lonely When" A Scratch in the Sky
*Matthew's Southern Comfort "For Melanie" Later that Same Year
Sally Timms "Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You" Cowboy Sally ep
Skip Bifferty "Prince Germany the First" Skip Bifferty
Paul Revere and the Raiders "Get Out of My Mind" Something Happening

(Warren DeFever of His Name is Alive) "Great Eye is Simple Eye" ESP Summer
Wondermints "Playtex Aviary" Wondermints
*Roy Harper "South Africa" Lifemask
Folk Implosion "Opening Day (acoustic) Pole Position ep

The Sea and Cake "Black Tree in the Bee Yard" The Fawn
Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny "The Moon Song" Beyond the Missouri Sky
The Sneaker Pimps "6 Underground (Fila Brasilia Remix #1)" Abstract Vibes 2: More Vibes

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