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Playlist for March 3, 1997 (1st week of Marathon)

*Denotes something from my collection
*Fifty Foot Hose "Cauldron" Cauldron
*Tony Williams Lifetime "Beyond Games" Emergency
*Linda Cohen "Meridian" Angel Alley

*Patti Smith "About a Boy" Gone Again
*Robbie Basho "Oriental Love Song" Guitar Soli
*Matt Balitsaris/Jeff Berman "Fall" (Wayne Shorter) An Echoed Smile

*Mark Eitzel "Mission Rock Resort" live on WFMU 7/1/96
*John Martyn "Head and Heart" Sweet Little Mysteries: The Island Anthology
OP8 (Lisa Germano w/Giant Sand) "Leather" Slush

Mazzy Star "Still Cold" Among My Swan
*Trio Lligo "Karlek I 20: E Arhundradet Fox" Trio Lligo
*Henry Cowell "The Banshee" Piano Music
*Cat Power (title unknown) live on WFMU 11/4/96

*Dots Will Echo "Within You, Without You" Get Your Hands Off My Modem, You Weasel
Paul Revere & the Raiders "Observation from Flight 285" Something Happening]
*Ars Nova "Temporary Serenade" Sunshine and Shadows
Marta Sebestyen "Szol A Kaks Mar"The Best of...

*Jason Faulkner "She Goes to Bed" ...presents Author Unknown
Sparkler "What Are You Waiting For?" Wicker Park
Wondermints "Thought Back" Wondermints
Robert Schipul "Black Magic" Teenbeat Sampler 97

*East River Pipe "Bring On the Loser" Poor Fricky
*The Rooks "Steeplechase" The Rooks
*Frank Bango "When In Rome" I Set Myself On Fire Today

Chris Butler "Le French movie" I Feel a Bit Normal Today
Pierre Bastien & Mechanium "Woolloomooloo Bay" Musiques Mechinale

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