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Playlist for January 27, 1997

*Denotes something from my collection
*Pere Ubu"The Waltz"++fr. waltz tape compiled by Ed Haber
*Sandy Denny"Like an Old Fashioned Waltz"++
*James Booker"Black Minute Waltz"++
*Ralph McTell"Maginot Waltz"++
*Incredible String Band"Waltz of the New Moon"++
*Andy Statman"Flatbush Waltz"++

*(Recherche) Nirvana"Do You Dream?"Orange and Blue
*Fountains of Wayne"Survival Car"Fountains of Wayne

Live Performance: The Rooks' Michael (gtr/vcl) and Patrick (percussion)

"Music Sound Sensation"
"Circle of Fools"
"Better Start Right Now"
"Do You Have God?"

(Set programmed by Michael)
*The Rooks"Reasons"The Rooks
George Usher"Not the Trembling Kind"Miracle School
Walter Clevenger"Angels"The Man with the X-Ray Eyes"
*Richard X. Heyman"All for the Girl"Living Room
Dave Rave Conspiracy"Vanished and Gone"Valentine's Pirates
Deni Bonet"Sunshine"E.P.

Marc Johnson"Cold Weather"12 in a Room
*Dots Will Echo"I Love Her Shoes"/"So What"/Each Night"/"Killing Time"Get Your Hands Off My Modem, You Weasel

Live performance: Bubble's Dave (gtr/vcl) and Neill (bass/vcl)

"Another Rainy Day"
"Only You Can Make Me Cry"
"Tell Me What"
"Am I Dreaming?"
"Silver Dollar"

Click here for more info on Bubble

*Bubble"Pure Imagination" (fr.Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory)Bubble
*Richard Thompson Band"Shoot Out the Lights" (live)2 Letter Words
*Plasticland"Disengaged From the World"Plasticland
*Sky"There in the Greenbriar"Sky
*Faine Jade"I'm a Wanderer"It Ain't True
*Kenny Young and the Eggplants"In the Ke-Bab Shop"live-BBC

*The Gwens"Lazy Rest"(7")
*Mallard"A Piece of Me"Mallard
*Cardinal"Last Poems"Cardinal

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