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Playlist for January 13, 1997

"Magimani Sagei"/ "La No Casa Da Madame Eu Vi'
*Denotes something from my collection
Friendsound"Lost Angel Proper St."Joyride
John Fahey"Sun Gonna Shine in My Back Door Someday Blues" The Legend of Blind Joe Death
*Gary Lucas"A Wandering Minstrel Eye"Evangeline
The Freak Scene"Rose of Smiling Faces"

EggPrelude"The Civil Surface
Jon Rose"Mozak" featuring The Orchestra of Ancient Guts/ "Shopping for the Bird" w/Tristan Hosinger (cello & vocal text) Violin Music for Supermarkets
After Dinner"Paradise of the Replica"Paradise of the Replic
Beth Custer"The Lips that Kissed the Paper"The Shirt I Slept In
*Balanescu Quartet"Butterflies"Angels and Insects soundtrack

*Anna Palm"She's Alive" /"Mumma"Arriving and Caught Up
Ghost"MasttillahLama Rabi Rabi
*Carol Wincenc/David Del Tredici"Acrostic Song" Music of Griffes, Copeland, Barber, Del Tredici, Foss and Cowell
Fay Lovsky"Peppermint Kisses"Cinema
*The Divine Comedy"Frog Princess"Casanova

*Devine & Statton"A Fact of Life"Cardiffians
Frank Bango"Strange Anthem"I Set Myself on Fire Today
The Rooks"Before the War"Chimes ep
*Psychedelic Guitar Circus"Mizrab"/"India"Psychedelic Guitar Circus
*Jimi Hendrix"Burning of the Midnight Lamp"Electric Ladyland

Continental Drifters"Mixed Messages"Continental Drifters
*Camper Van Beethoven"Take the Skinheads Bowling"Take the Skinheads Bowling 12"
*Huun-Huur-Tu"Ancestors"The Orphan's Lament
*Lazy Boy"Uneasy Street"live on WFMU 1/6/97
Palace Music"Tonight's Decision"Viva Last Blues

*The Gwens"Wallet"(7" EP)
*Jethro Tull"A Song for Jeffrey"This Was
*Rahsaan Roland Kirk"Lady 'E'"Rahsaan: The Complete Mercury Recordings
Hermeto Pascual Y Grupo
Pierre Bastien"Eh! Gueuse: Herse Hisse de ceste Isle!"Eggs, Air, Sister, Steel
Trio Ratovo"Isalo" Resting Place of the Mists: New Valiha and Marovany Music from Madagasgar
*Trance Mission"Alpha Swim"Head Light

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