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December 30, 1996:
My favorites of the year, in no particular order of importance.


*Denotes something from my collection

*Rabih Abu-Khalil/Balanescu Quartet"The Pain After..."Arabian Waltz
Jean-Claude Chapuis"Luminescence"Gravicords, Whirlies and Pyrophones
Isaac Ouannounou"Achir BemecharinMorocco: Crossroads of Time
Udi Hrand"Nihavent taksim"The Early Recordings Vol.II

*Mark Eitzel"Saved"60 Watt Silver Lining
The For Carnation"Winter Lair"Marshmallows
*Cat Power"Good, Clean Fun"What Would the Community Think?
*East River Pipe"Beautiful Worn-Out Love"Mel
*Mark Eitzel"Take Courage"(Live on WFMU 7/1/96)

Rasputina"Mr. E. Leon Rauis"Thanks for the Either
Rachel's"Family Portrait"Music for Egon Schiele
The Dirty Three"Sue's Last Ride"Horse Stories
*Lazy Boy"Curb Urchin"Amnesia
*The Mermen"A Heart with Paper Walls"Songs of the Cows

*Phillip Johnston's Transparent Quartet"Memory"(Live on WFMU 2/19/96)
*Eric Matthews"Fried Out Broken Girl"It's Heavy in Here
*Richard Davies"Jubilee"There's Never Been a Crowd Like This
*The Humphries"Patois"The Humphries
Dama"Volasoa"The Moon and the Banana Tree: Madagasgar Guitar

*Robyn Hitchcock"Filthy Bird"Moss Elixir
*Linda Thompson"Pavanne"Dreams Fly Away
Kirsten BratenBerg & Halvard T.Bjorgum / Knut Riersrud & Paolo Vinaccia"Su Ru Rudde" / "Train Song"The Sweet Sunny North Vol.2: Henry Kaiser and David Lindley in Norway
*The Spinanes"Punch Line LoserStrand
*Richard Thompson Band"Ghosts in the Wind"two letter words: live 1994

*Jason Faulkner"Don't Show Me Heaven"...presents Author Unknown
*The Beatles"I'm Only Sleeping"Anthology II
*Phil Krauth"I'm Finding Me in You"Silver Eyes
Neutral Milk Hotel"You've Passed"/ "Someone is Waiting"On Avery Island
*Dots Will Echo"Within You, Without You" (++note-best version I've ever heard!)Keep Your Hands Off My Modem, You Weasel

*Kenny Young and The Eggplants"Fishcakes and Spaghetti"Even One is Quite a Few
*Jade Warrior"River Song"Elements: The Island Anthology

(I would add to this list something from The Chills [Sunburnt], but I ran out of time on my show)


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